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How To Apply For Early Release Of Super For Dentistry?

Key Takeaways:
  • You must demonstrate financial need to access your Super early.
  • A registered medical or dental practitioner must provide a report showing that the dental work is medically necessary.
  • The timeframe for getting approved and receiving your Super varies as per your circumstances.

Your oral health is paramount to your overall well-being. However, maintaining good dental health can get quite expensive, especially when left to deteriorate. This is where Super comes in.

Superannuation is one way to obtain funds for dental treatment in Australia. As long as you are eligible and follow the right steps to apply, you can get your Super released early for your dental expenses.

Continue reading as this article will guide you through the process of applying for your Super in a way that increases your chances of getting approved and receiving the funds just in time for your treatment.

How To Apply For Early Release Of Super For Dentistry?

Eligibility Criteria for Early Release of Superannuation for Dental Work

Let us start by looking at the requirements for getting your Superannuation early release.  

Age and Income Criteria for Early Release of Super for Dental Work

To be eligible for Superannuation, you must meet a certain minimum age requirement, which is 60 years if you are retired. And between the ages of 55 and 60 if you have reached your preservation age and have retired. However, if you need your Super released early, there is a minimum age requirement of 18 years.

This means that if you are under 18, you cannot access your Super for dental work. This age requirement is in place to ensure that individuals do not exhaust their retirement savings before reaching adulthood.

Additionally, some income thresholds must be met for the early release of Super to ensure that those with actual financial needs can cover their dental treatment expenses. This threshold varies depending on your circumstances.

If you are receiving government income support payments, you may be eligible for Super provided you can show that you are experiencing financial hardship. 

Even if you are not receiving government assistance, you may still be eligible to have your Super released early. 

Medical Evidence and Treatment Plans for Early Release of Super for Dental Work

You will need to provide medical evidence that shows the treatment is medically necessary. This evidence should outline the nature of the dental condition, the proposed treatment, and the expected outcomes. And it should be provided by a qualified and registered medical practitioner or dentist.

Note that the medical evidence must be current and dated within the last 6 months; otherwise, your application for an early release of your Superannuation fund may be rejected. This is because the outdated document may be deemed invalid.

Your Super can cover a wide range of dental treatments. In some cases, cosmetic dental treatments may be excluded from Superannuation.

Check with your Superannuation fund to determine which dental treatments their early release can cover.

Supporting Documents Required for Early Release of Super for Dental Work

You will need some documents to verify your eligibility for an early release of your Superannuation for dental work. Below are some of the key documents required when making your application

  • Superannuation fund statement: You will need to provide a statement from your Superannuation fund showing your balance in the account.
  • Identification documents: You should provide documents as a means of identification such as a passport or driver’s licence.
  • Medical evidence: As stated earlier, you need to provide medical evidence written by a licensed medical and dental practitioner showing your current dental health status.
  • Treatment plan: You will need to provide a treatment plan showing the outline of the treatment and its expected outcome.
  • Early release of Superannuation application: You will need to fill out the form for the Superannuation fund application and attach it. It will outline your personal and financial details as well as details of the dental treatment required

Rest Super Early Release for Dental Work

Rest Super is a popular Superannuation fund in Australia, and they offer early release to members for medical reasons, including dental work. To be eligible for Rest Super early release:

  • You must be a Rest Super Member.
  • You must have a dental condition that requires medical treatment.
  • You must have exhausted all other options for payment such as government assistance or private insurance.
  • You must have no other means of payment available.

Applying For Early Release Rest Super

If you meet the eligibility criteria above, this is how to apply for Rest Super:

  • Obtain the necessary documents
  • Submit your application
  • Await approval and receive your payment (it usually takes 10 business days).

Important Considerations When Using Rest Super Early Release for Dental Work

Rest Super can be quite helpful for individuals, but there are some considerations to take into account before sending in your application.

  • Early release of Super can greatly impact your retirement savings so you must consider whether it is the best option for you.
  • Rest Super will only approve the amount needed for the dental treatment up to a maximum of $10,000. If the cost of treatment is higher, you will need to find an alternative means of payment.
  • You may be required to pay a fee for Rest Super early release, which will be deducted from the approved amount.

Applying for Early Release of Super for Dental Work in Perth

You should first confirm that your Super allows you to access your Super funds earlier. Some may not permit early release for dental work or may have specific criteria that must be met.

Tips for Applying for Early Release of Super for Dental Work in Perth 

  • Provide detailed information about your dental condition and how it affects your life as this can help your case.
  • Provide an estimated cost of your treatment including any pre or post-operative care that may be necessary.
  • Gather all the necessary and supporting documentation such as a dental report to support your case.
  • Consider seeking assistance from a financial advisor or professional for clarification on whether or not you meet the eligibility criteria.


What dental treatments are covered under the early release of Super?

Early release of Superannuation funds can cover a variety of dental treatments, including dental implants, surgery, and general dental procedures.

How long does the early release of the Super application process take?

The application process for early release of Super varies according to your Superannuation funds and circumstances. It can take several weeks to be approved before you receive the funds.

Will the early release of Super affect my future retirement benefits?

Yes, applying for an early release of your Superannuation funds can affect your future retirement benefits.

How many times can I apply for an early release of Super for Dental Work?

There is no set limit to how many times you can apply for early release of your Super for dental treatment. However, the applications will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.


Superannuation funds are a sure way to cover the high cost of your dental treatment when you have no other means to do so. Luckily, many Superannuation funds in Australia offer early release for dental work as long as you meet the eligibility criteria.

Written By: Dr Kent Tan
Edited By: Dr Zaheer Kadwa
Reviewed By: Dr Ealin Lee

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