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All-On-4® Perth

All-on-4 treatment in Perth involves placing four dental implants into either the upper and/or lower jaw, which are then used to support a full set of artificial teeth. The treatment is generally all completed within 1 week of the surgery day.

All on Four Teeth Replacement surgery can be suitable for patients who are missing all their teeth or have severely loose, damaged and decayed teeth. It can also be an excellent solution for patients who have had previous unsuccessful dental implant and denture treatments.

Complete All on 4 teeth replacement for the smile you’ve always dreamed of

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What are All on 4® Dental Implants?

All-on-4® dental implants are a revolutionary solution for full-mouth tooth replacement. This technique involves the placement of four dental implants per arch, providing a stable foundation for a fixed prosthetic bridge to replace an entire set of teeth.


  • Are permanent teeth that can be washed and cleaned in the same way that natural teeth are.
  • Do not have to be taken out
  • Adhesives are not needed.
  • Since they don’t rub against your gums, they’re really comfortable.
  • Enable you to get a better sense of what you’re eating.
  • Allow you to bite harder, allowing you to enjoy all of your favorite foods once more.
  • Bone resorption should be avoided at all costs.
  • Restore the presence of your face
It offers significant advantages over traditional dentures, including improved stability, functionality, and aesthetics, giving patients a natural-looking smile and restoring their ability to eat, speak, and smile with confidence.

All-On-4 Cost Perth

All-On-4 dental implants cost in Perth typically falls between $19,000 and $35,000. The price may vary based on material selection and any extra dental preparations required. This range offers options that cater to the specific needs of each patient.



All-on-4 Dental Implants Perth Cost
All-on-4 (one full arch) $19,000
All-on-4 (two full arches) $38,000
All-on-6 (one full arch) $19,000
All-on-6 (two full arches) $38,000
All-on-4 with an acrylic titanium bridge (per jaw) $19,000
All-on-4 with an initial temporary bridge and final Zirconia bridge (per jaw) $25,000
The price of an All-on-Four with an acrylic/titanium bridge is $19,000 per jaw, while other best clinics charge up to $37,500. This is a substantial saving of up to $18,500 per jaw when you choose My Implant Dentist for your teeth replacement. As one of the top All-On-4 clinic in Perth, we have expertise in delivering stable and natural-looking results that transform smiles.

Terms & Conditions:
Pricing is indicative only of an average cost. Pricing can vary depending on the medical condition and requirements of the patient as well as the materials used.
If you want to know specific pricing details for single restored implants, implant-retained dentures, and more, please visit our Dental Implants Cost page

Dental Implant Procedure

Consultation + X-Ray + Treatment Plan
Bone grafting if needed

Implant Placement


1 week



dental implants cost calculator

Repayment Estimate



  • $2,000
  • $10,000
  • $18,000
  • $25,000
  • $35,000
  • $45,000

Loan Term (Months)



  • 12
  • 24
  • 36
  • 48
  • 60

All-On-4 Before And After

We’ve worked on 1000’s of new smiles across Perth that look, feel and function like natural teeth. here are some of our fixed smile makeover patients.

  • all on 4 dental implants patient before and after smile
  • dental implants patient before and after
  • all on 4 dental implants patient before and after
  • MID_2022_4000x4000px_Mick_Before-After
  • all on 4 dental implants patient before and after
  • dental implants patient before and after
  • dental implants patient before and after
  • dental implants patient before and after beautiful smile
  • dental implants patient gallery before and after
  • dental implants before and after gallery
  • dental implants before and after smile gallery
  • dental implants before and after smile
  • dental implants before and after woman's smile
  • My-Implant-Dentist_Teeth_1080x1080mm_Thomas
  • My-Implant-Dentist_Teeth
  • dental implants before and after close-up
  • My-Implant-Dentist_Teeth_1080x1080mm_Jason
  • dental implants before and after man's smile
  • dental implants before and after smile
  • dental implants before and after woman's smile

Discover the smile-transforming magic of All-on-4 in Perth through our captivating video journey!

Affordable All-On-4 Procedure in Perth

Our experienced team at Perth Implant Dentistry takes a comprehensive approach to All-On-4 dental implants. From the initial consultation to the final restoration, we ensure that every step of the process is tailored to meet your individual needs. We conduct thorough assessments to determine the most suitable treatment plan for you, considering factors such as bone density, oral health, and aesthetic preferences.

Phase 1

Complimentary Consultation

At your complimentary consultation, your dentist will discuss your treatment goals and options, along with the advantages and disadvantages of each one.

This part of the process is an important one, to ensure both you and your dentist have aligned treatment goals and expectations.
Phase 2

Smile Preparation

To prepare your new smile, a 3D cone beam scan is generally taken at this visit along with dental impressions and/or a 3D digital scan of the teeth and face.

These scans and impressions are used to fabricate a surgical template for use on the day of surgery by the dental surgeon.
Phase 3

Trial Smile

To make sure your new smile is right for you, you’ll get to trial your smile to see how your smile looks, how your bite feels and how your speech sounds.

From here, we can tweak your smile if we need to, ensuring your final smile is just right.
Phase 4

Surgery for your smile

Before the implants are put in, each point of insertion will be marked on the surface of the bone. Then, the dental surgeon drills pilot holes in the implants at precise angles to give them the most stability and strength while preventing sinus cavities and nerve canals.

When the dental implants are in place and properly secured to the right torque, the dentist will replace the gum tissue around the implants and close the incision area. At this point, the abutments holding the replacement tooth prosthesis get attached to the implant interface.
Phase 5

Final Smile

The final phase of treatment involves the installation of the all on 4 ‘bridge’. The replacement teeth are inserted on to the implant abutments and tightened with a torque wrench to ensure that there has been sufficient preload on the abutment screws. 

The screw access holes are then filled and sealed. It is important to confirm the bite is evenly occluding. The restorative dentist will correct any premature interferences to ensure proper upper or lower jaw occlusion.
All on 4

With The All-On-4

The main benefits of all on four dental implants in Perth are that they:

  • Provide a strong and stable foundation for replacement teeth
  • Do not require bone grafting
  • Can look and feel like your own natural teeth.
  • Allows you to eat and speak normally
  • Are easy to care for as there are only 4 implants to clean

Overall, All-on-4 implants offer a reliable and long-lasting solution for patients with missing teeth, providing both functional and aesthetic benefits.

Are All on 4 Dental Implants right for you?

All on 4 in Perth, Western Australia can be a good option for you if you;

  • Are missing several teeth as a result of an injury or disease
  • Are suffering from advanced gum disease and your teeth cannot be saved
  • Do not see significant benefits from saving your teeth through teeth restorations or you have been unable to have your teeth restored.

Then All on 4 may be right for you. Book your complimentary consultation today to find out more.

Before and after dental implants Patient Timi

Are all on four comfortable?

All-on-4 dental implants are designed to be comfortable as they do not press down on your gums as traditional dentures would. You will soon be able to bite with increased force and experience the normal sensation of enjoying hot or cold foods and all their flavours again.

Do all on four look real?

All-On-4 Perth dental implants are built to be more secure than conventional dentures, so they do not rub against the gums. You’ll soon be able to bite with more intensity and taste hot or cold foods and all of their flavours once more.

all-on-4 treatment plan

Why Choose All on 4 Dental Implants?

Achieve your brand-new smile today

Your beautiful new smile is closer than you think…

That’s right, you’ll receive dental implants on the day of your surgery, and your first set of new
teeth (the provisional bridge) within just 1 week – but most commonly within days of your surgery.

This means little to no downtime, just you leaving our rooms with fully functional teeth that’ll have
you smiling proudly, from ear to ear.

At My Implant Dentist, we’re dedicated to helping you achieve a confident and beautiful smile with the benefits of All-on-4 dental implants.

Natural-looking teeth for naturally healthy smiles

The highly qualified team at My Implant Dentist are in the business of creating natural-looking
teeth, for naturally healthy and beautiful smiles.

With the sheer confidence brought to you by teeth that look and feel natural, you’ll light up any
room you walk into.


High success rates

All on 4 Dental Implants deliver superior success rates to previous, invasive dental treatments.

Clinical data taken over 25 years shows a breathtaking 98%* success rate for All on 4 Dental
Implant treatments.

This also means less appointments, lower fees, and a faster healing rate. Now that’s something
to smile about!

doctor in black rubber gloves is holding implant supported prothesis for the upper jaw
all-on-4-dental-implant-patients before after-brisbane
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Innovative techniques and advanced technology

My Implant Dentist utilise the most advanced and innovative Dental Implant technology available. This revolutionary dental technology simplifies and shortens the treatment time involves fewer components, giving you the smile of your dreams, so much sooner.

Your peace of mind put first

The My Implant Dentist team are caring, professional and leading providers of All on 4 Dental Implant treatments.

Our genuine dedication to patient outcomes is one of the many reasons why people rely on us to save, enhance and restore their smiles.

Treatment access in both Brisbane and Perth

Our dedicated dental clinics are open and ready to help you across 4 locations in the Perth; South Perth, Ellenbrook, Mindarie, Belmont and in Brisbane, in the suburb of Moorooka and Kedron.

all-on-4 payment plans at my implant dentist in Perth

We offer flexible and affordable payment plans for All-On-4 dental implants in Perth. Partnered with Pretty Penny Finance, we aim to make our services accessible to all patients. Spread the cost of your procedure over time, with typical prices ranging from $19,000 to $25,000. Contact us to learn more about Perth All-On-4 payment options and begin your journey to a new smile today.

all on 4 dental implants Perth - faqs

The number of teeth you get on All-on-4 dental implants can vary. It typically involves a full arch of teeth, often around 10 to 12 teeth in total.

The All-on-4 procedure generally causes minimal pain, and patients are usually given anesthesia during the surgery. Discomfort during the healing process is normal but can be managed with prescribed medications.

Recovery time varies, but many patients can return to their normal activities within a few days to a week.

The longevity of All-on-4 implants depends on factors like oral hygiene, diet, and general health. With proper care, they can last a lifetime. Always consult with your dentist or oral surgeon for personalised advice and details specific to your case.

Take a look at some of the dental implant replacements.

  • Traditional dentures
  • Implant-supported dentures

The jawbone starts to resorb and deteriorate for a number of causes, ranging from a lack of stimulation to the onset of periodontal disease. When teeth are not replaced, the jawbone starts to deteriorate. The lack of bone causes the cheeks to sag in, affecting one’s appearance. The term “hollowing of the face” is also used to describe this facial feature. This hollowing can make a person look much older than they are, up to ten years in some cases.

Bone loss in the jaw may be caused by a variety of factors, including:
Lack of stimulation
Biting and chewing activate the jawbone because normal teeth are lodged inside it; but, when the teeth are missing, the part of the jawbone that anchors the teeth (i.e., the alveolar bone) is no longer stimulated. The alveolar bone starts to deteriorate if it is not stimulated: When the body thinks the jawbone no longer serves a function, it begins to break down.
The rate of jawbone loss and the amount of bone lost differs from person to person. Nonetheless, the majority of bone loss occurs within the first 18 months after a tooth or teeth are extracted. This jawbone loss persists throughout a person’s life until it is replaced with a dental implant.

Periodontal Disease
Jaw bone loss is also caused by periodontal disease. When a person has chronic gum infections, the natural teeth’s support structures, including the alveolar bone, are progressively damaged. While these support systems are affected by a variety of diseases, the majority of issues are caused by plaque-induced inflammatory lesions.

Gingivitis May Lead to Periodontitis
Periodontitis begins with gingivitis: That is not to suggest that gingivitis will always lead to periodontitis; but, gingivitis will always come before periodontitis.

When bacteria bind to the surface of the tooth/teeth, the body’s immune system reacts violently in an effort to kill them, periodontitis develops.

Gingivitis is caused by dental plaque.
Plaque is a sticky, transparent film that forms on the teeth all of the time. It is made up of a variety of bacteria and food particles. Gums may become inflamed and bleed easily as dental plaque builds up at and below the gum line. Toxins produced by bacteria cause irritation. If left untreated, the gums will begin to pull away from the teeth, forming pockets. These pockets can become clogged with bacteria, creating more gum irritation.

Plaque Hardens and Forms Tartar
If a person fails to brush and floss on a regular basis, dental plaque hardens: Tartar is the name given to the plaque after it has hardened (i.e., calculus). Tartar will build up both above and below the gum line. Once plaque has hardened into tartar, the only way to dissolve it is with a dental cleaning.

All-on-4 implants are a series of teeth that are permanently attached to the jaw and look and sound like natural teeth. All-on-4 dental implants are a form of dental implant that consists of four implants. Permanent teeth that are washed and washed in the same way that normal teeth are.
For certain patients, the All-on-4 technique eliminates the need for bone grafting, which is usual in conventional implant procedures. As a result, All-on-4 dental implants are both time and cost effective. The procedure takes about 2.5 hours per arch.

Is it about time you had the smile you’ve always dreamed of?

Call My Implant Dentist today to book your complimentary consultation and discuss whether All on 4 Dental Implants are right for you.

Your smile is our priority. Will you make it yours?

All-on-4 perth reviews

Mark TaylorMark Taylor
03:15 12 Mar 24
Rob SmithRob Smith
12:33 24 Feb 24
I was at a really low point in my life, had an accident 2 years ago which broke 3 of my teeth and a bridge in between my 2 front top teeth. From that moment I became extremely conscious of going out,socialising and found my self withdrawn and depressed as I didn't know what to do.Then a friend told me about My Implant Dentist. I plucked up the courage and went for my first consultation at Mindarie Quinns dental practice with Dr Zaheer who explained all my options and advised all on 4 top and bottom.Not only Dr Zaheer but all the staff and doctors at both Mindarie and South Perth were amazing and extremely professional and made the whole process seemless.Having the treatment has given me back confidence and enabled me to socalise and do things with my family and friends that I couldn't do before.I would like to thank Dr Zaheer and all the team at My Implant Dentist for everything they have done for me and recommended them to everyone I speak to.I just can't stop smiling!!!
Vicki DatsonVicki Datson
22:00 16 Feb 24
From the lovely girls at the front desk through to the dentist and his off sider I couldn’t be more happy with the treatment and the service provided. So incredibly satisfied with the end result it’s taken a while but we got there. Thank you so much.
Toby HawkesToby Hawkes
12:19 02 Feb 24
From start to Finnish i felt very comfortable. The whole experience for me was more than just new teeth.For me it was a journey of self discovery that changed my whole life.I found that everyone that I encountered was very professional &friendly &made my experience so pleasant.They deserve more than 5 stars.Thank you so much🥰
Selina HansonSelina Hanson
09:19 01 Feb 24
My experience with My Implant Dentist has been excellent from start to finish. The staff at the front desk were incredibly kind and helpful. The medical treatments throughout were professional and pain free. I would definitely recommend them to anyone considering this service
08:14 30 Jan 24
So grateful to have found this place. I needed a wisdom tooth out. They were able to x-ray and fit me in promptly. Extremely high quality and professional service at an affordable price! I feel lucky to have found an honest and helpful Dentist especially in today's economy. Lovely staff all round. I will be coming here from now on.Thanks again 🙂
Catalina Te MaroCatalina Te Maro
12:02 21 Nov 23
From the moment I walked in the door My Implant dentist were very caring and professional. As a dental nurse myself I knew I would be a very hard case as other specialists said they could not help me. After my first consultation with Dr Kent he was confident that he could help me and I was provided with a clear plan for my top and bottom all on four procedure. My new teeth are perfect and so natural looking. He has made the impossible possible for me. I can smile and eat the foods I love again and this has changed my life. Thank you so much to all staff and especially Dr Kent Tan who I can say is the best implant dentist in Perth.
Bec SmithBec Smith
11:30 14 Aug 23
I can’t thank the team and dentists at My Implant dentist enough! From the girls working the front desk to the dental nurses assisting the dentist’s, Dr Kent Tan and Dr Ealin. I had the All on four implants and I can’t explain how much this has transformed my life in such a great way.I will always be thankful to be able to have this treatment!Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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