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Single dental implant

The Best Solution for Tooth Replacement

Missing a single tooth is not uncommon. Whether the tooth you’re missing is highly visible or at the back of your mouth, it’s important that you don’t ignore it.

Single Implant
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What is a Dental implant

Dental implants look like natural teeth and function like natural teeth

Your dental implants are made up of three parts — the fixture, the abutment and the prosthesis. The fixture ‘the implant’ is the part that is inserted into to jawbone. Once the fixture is placed, you need to allow time for your bone to grow around the implant and make it strong. This can take anywhere from two to six months.

The abutment is the link between the implant fixture and the tooth or denture. The fixture has an internal thread to allow an attachment to be screwed into it.

The prosthesis is the final piece. This can be a single tooth, a bridge or removable denture. The prosthesis can be cemented, screwed into place or securely snapped into place.
Dental implants are becoming a much more common procedure and new technology means that the process is much quicker and much more affordable.

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Dental Implant Procedure

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We examine your medical history, have you undertake a physical examination and take x-rays. At this stage, we’ll be able to determine whether you have sufficient jawbone to support a dental implant. This is where you can ask questions and have a clear understanding of the next course of action.

Consultation and Free Treatment Plan
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The first phase

The first phase of the tooth implant procedure is the implant placement which usually takes just 1 visit. Inserting the dental implant is a standard surgical procedure. You can choose a local anaesthetic or to be put asleep (sleep dentistry).
After the dental implant is in place, you will need to allow time for new bone to grow around the implant. You can be provided with a temporary denture which you will be able to wear after implant placement. You will need to follow a soft diet for at least 2 weeks.

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The second phase

An appointment is scheduled to take an impression of the position of the dental implant and the adjacent teeth to make sure your new teeth with fit comfortably. A porcelain implant tooth is created in a shade that best matches the rest of your regular teeth colour.
Any modifications required to your temporary dentures will be undertaken to allow you continue to wear it before your new tooth is placed.

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The third phase

We insert the dental implant and ensure that it looks and functions as it should. Your new artificial tooth is now in place and is ready to be used. Your brand new smile has arrived!

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Replace any number of teeth

Teeth implants can also be used to restore any number of teeth. 

You can restore just a single tooth, multiple teeth or restore all of your teeth using the All on 4 and Full Mouth Restoration treatment methods. Our dentists are experienced in providing these treatments and will help you find the best solution for your own needs.


For multiple teeth missing, dental implants are inserted into the jawbone when there are teeth missing and dental crowns are fixed to the implant to restore the missing teeth.

Implant supported dentures

One option for full mouth restoration at our clinic is ‘Implant Supported Dentures; where dental implants placed, that are used to support a full set of teeth on a bridge.

Fixed Teeth on Implants or
All On 4 Implants

Another option for full mouth restoration at our clinic is ‘All on 4 implants’; which is 4 dental implants supporting a full set of removable or fixed dentures.

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