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Your supperannuation fund may be able to get you the treatment you need faster.

Here at our practice, it is our main priority to ensure patients get access to top-quality dental care through the most stress-free experience. And we do so in a holistic, seamless way to cover all your potential concerns.

Helping you find solutions to make paying for dental treatments as easy as possible is also a core part of our service commitment.

Our team is always ready to provide you with accurate, up-to-date information on the best payment terms and financing options to suit your specific needs. We’ll work closely with you and provide you with industry-expert assistance, including looking into using superannuation funds to cover the costs of much-needed dental treatment.

Early Release of Superannuation for Dental Work

If you’re considering accessing your superannuation to pay for critical dental work the first step is to book a COMPLIMENTARY DENTAL IMPLANT CONSULTATION for a comprehensive consultation with one of our dentists. In this consultation, your dentist will review your dental condition and form a treatment plan to best suit your needs. We can then work with you to complete all of the required forms needed to apply for early release of superannuation and submit the application to the ATO online through your MyGov account. Once your application has been approved, we can also guide you through the process to receive your funds so that you can begin your dental treatment as soon as possible.

To start the process of Early Release of Superannuation for dental work, book a COMPLIMENTARY DENTAL IMPLANT CONSULTATION or call your nearest clinic in Perth at (08) 9361 5544 or Brisbane on (07) 3130 0077 for an initial appointment to assess your situation and eligibility.

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Getting access to quality dental healthcare requires commitment on the part of the patient and their dental team. Our practice is ready to answer all your questions to get you started. Get the funding assistance you need for your treatment using dental superannuation and receive one of the top dental care you deserve without worries. Find out how by calling us today! (08) 9361 5544.

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Yes. You can be eligible to withdraw from your superannuation to fund dental procedures. Financial coverage for dental care is not as popular as the other more commonly known reasons to apply for the early release of superannuation funds (i.e. based on compassionate grounds, financial hardship or emergency medical expenses). That’s why it’s important to partner with a dental practice that has the specialisation as well as the dedication to help you with this option.
You have the right to apply for dental superannuation early release, as the option is available to all citizens and residents of Australia. Needless to say, you will have to satisfy the minimum criteria to be declared eligible. It’s also important to know the cut-off dates for making claims. Again, working with a knowledgeable dental office ensures you will have a clear view of the complete list of requirements and will be able to identify if you meet them.
If your super cannot cover the amount needed for your treatment, you have the option to use the superannuation of your partner, immediate or non-immediate family member. In the same way, if you have sufficient funds, your superannuation may also be used to pay for the dental treatments of your dependents.
There is no set maximum limit on how much you can withdraw from your super savings. The amount will depend on the cost of your treatment.

Your dental superannuation may help alleviate the costs of a wide range of procedures, depending on the circumstances presented and especially if the dental condition already affects your general health. The treatments covered can include dental implants. Our dental team can guide you on the specific treatments covered and the scenarios under which they can be deemed eligible for super funding.

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