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Dental Implants Cost Perth

At My Implant Dentist, the cost of dental implants in Perth starts at $3,999 AUD for a single tooth and $19,000 AUD for a full arch of All-On-4® dental implants.

While other Perth specialist implant clinics charge up to $37,500 AUD for All-On-4®, this substantially saves up to $18,500 AUD per jaw when you choose My Implant Dentist in Perth for your teeth replacement.

While the final cost may vary based on the specific type of implant and complexity of the procedure, during your consultation with Dr. Kent Tan, the total cost of your treatment will be determined, ensuring transparency and personalised care every step of the way.

Cost of Dental Implants in Perth

If you are considering dental implant procedures in Perth, we invite you to explore our detailed page on the subject: Dental Implants Perth. At My Implant Dentist, you’ll receive top-quality service under the expert care of Dr. Kent Tan. Our clinic, located at 65B Angelo St, South Perth WA 6151, offers comprehensive treatment plans tailored to your individual needs—all at affordable prices.

All costs and prices are a guide only. For an accurate quote, please book a free consultation, where we undertake a full mouth examination, take X-rays, assess your suitability for dental implants, and provide you with a personalised treatment plan.

Single Tooth Implant Cost (unrestored) $1,999

Unrestored Dental Implant Cost Perth

At My Implant Dentist, a single unrestored dental implant cost in Perth starts at $1,999 AUD and includes the following:

  • Personalised Treatment Plan
  • The Neodent implant (Part of the Straumann Group) is surgically positioned.
  • Titanium material
  • 6 months of follow-up appointments
  • Australian Dental Association (ADA) schedule of Dental Services and Glossary-Thirteenth Edition: Item Number 688

This does not include the dental implant crown and abutment.

An unrestored implant refers to the state of a dental implant that has been surgically placed before it receives the final prosthetic. Final prosthetic may include implant crown or implant bridge. The price of $1,999 AUD is for the unrestored implant only, without a final prosthetic.

Single Dental Implant Cost from $3,999

Single tooth implants Perth Western Australia

At My Implant Dentist, the inclusive price for a single dental implant in Perth starts at $3,999 AUD and includes the following:

  • Personalised Treatment Plan
  • The Neodent implant (Part of the Straumann Group) is surgically positioned.
  • Customised titanium abutment*
  • CAD-CAM technology creates a solid screw-retained zirconia crown through milling process.
  • X-ray images taken in clinical settings, not including three-dimensional cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) scans.
  • 6 months of follow-up appointments


All-on-4 Dental Implants Cost from $19,000

All on 4 dental implants Cost Perth WA

Full mouth dental implants cost in Perth at My Implant Dentist, the cost for All-on-4 with an acrylic titanium bridge starts from $19,000 AUD for a full arch and $38,000 AUD for two arches.

All-On-4 dental implant treatment includes a surgical treatment plan and a price estimate. During the surgery, the dentist may decide that additional support and stability are necessary to support a set of teeth fully.


  • Personalised Treatment Plan
  • Four dental implants inserted using the All-On-4® protocol.
  • Four multi-unit abutments
  • A bridge made of high-impact acrylic reinforced with titanium is permanently fixed.
  • Clinical radiographs, except for 3D CBCT scans.
  • 6 months of follow-up appointments
  • Implants come with a warranty of 2 years, while the titanium bar has a warranty of 5 years. Additionally, the acrylic teeth have a warranty of 1 year.


Upgrade your All-on-4 acrylic bridge to a temporary bridge, and the final Zirconia bridge costs an additional $6,000 AUD, bringing the total to $25,000 AUD. choosing My Implant Dentist in Perth for your All-On-4® procedure could result in substantial savings—up to $18,500 per jaw. We take pride in offering quality teeth replacement options without the hefty price tag.

All-on-6 Cost from $19,000

All on 6 Dental Implant cost Perth

At My Implant Dentist, the cost for All-on-6 starts from $19,000 AUD for a full arch and $38,000 AUD for two arches. Our All-on-6 cost is the same as All-on-4, because we want to be able to recommend the best treatment for you, without you having to pay more. It should be noted that not all cases have enough bone for the All-on-6 procedure. In these cases, the All-on-4 procedure will be performed.

To upgrade your All-on-6 acrylic bridge to a temporary bridge and the final Zirconia bridge costs an additional $6,000 AUD, bringing the total to $25,000 AUD.

Implant retained dentures Cost from $15,000 

Implant Retained Dentures cost Perth

The starting price for an upper full denture and a lower denture that is anchored by four dental implants is $15,000 AUD, and this price covers:

  • Upper or lower denture
  • Surgical guide
  • Four titanium dental implants
  • Lower denture soft reline
  • First and second stage surgery
  • Locator abutments
  • Redesigning and fitting attachments for dentures located on the lower jaw.
  • Radiographs used in clinical settings, not including 3D CBCT scans.
  • 6 months of follow-up appointments

Fixed Implant Bridge Cost from $9000

Fixed Implant Bridge Cost in Perth

The fixed implant bridge can replace 3 missing teeth with the starting price for a 3-unit implant bridge is $9000 and it covers the following:

  • Personalised Treatment Plan
  • The surgical positioning of two dental implants made of titanium.
  • Two titanium abutments
  • A bridge made of zirconia, consisting of three teeth, which has been milled using CAD-CAM technology.
  • Dental X-rays that do not include a 3D cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) scan.
  • 6 months of follow-up appointments

Dental Implant Warranty Terms

The warranty is only valid if you regularly attend implant reviews, have check-ups every six months, and maintain good oral hygiene.

Other Prices of Dental Implants in Perth

  • Free first consultation and treatment plan for dental implants in Perth & Brisbane
  • $220 AUD 3D cone beam scan computed tomography (CBCT)

Considering dental implant procedures in Perth for 2024? Delve deeper into our comprehensive Dental Implants page to find out more. Under the expert care of our experienced team, we promise top-quality service and a personalised approach to your dental needs. We’re committed to providing affordable tooth implants tailored to your unique needs, without compromising on quality or care.

Remember: reliable and affordable dental implants are within your reach. It’s all about making the right choice with My Implant Dentist Perth.

Sleep Dentistry Costs in Perth

At My Implant Dentist in Perth, sleep dentistry costs start from $3,900 AUD for the All-on-4 and All-on-6 single arch procedures. This covers about 3 hours of sedation. For a double arch surgery, prices begin at $5,900 AUD. This includes approximately 5 hours of sedation. These prices are estimates only, as actual surgery times can vary.

Arches Sleep Dentistry Cost Sedation Time Procedure
Single Arch $3,900 AUD 3 hrs All-on-4 or All-on-6
Double Arch $5,900 AUD 5 hrs All-on-4 or All-on-6

Hospital and anaesthetist expenses are not covered in the above-mentioned dental implant prices. Sleep dentistry costs depend on the specific situation and whether you have private health insurance. At My Implant Dentist, IV sedation is provided by highly qualified third-party anaesthetists. Therefore, the costs are an estimate only and are subject to change.

Sleep dentistry costs depend on how many hours of sedation is required, as anaesthetists charge by the hour.

Below are sedation cost estimates for the All-on-4 and All-on-6 procedures. For a single-arch dental implant surgery, you are sedated for 3 hours, while a double-arch surgery can last 5 hours.

Factors Affecting the Price of Dental Implants @ My Implant Dentist Perth

Factors for Dental Implants Cost Perth
Click on the image to enlarge, Cost Factors for Perth Dental Implants

These cost factors have an impact on all types of dental implants, including single dental implants and All-On-4® and All-On-6.

  1. Dental Implant Brand

    Certain dental implant brands charge a premium for the titanium post, the abutment, and screws. This cost is then passed on to the patient. At My Implant Dentist, we use high quality dental implants from the Neodent brand (Part of Straumann group)

  2. Dental Implant Material (Post, also called Screw)

    The dental implant post that gets inserted into the jawbone can be made from Titanium or Zirconia. Titanium is used for 95% of cases as it is the more durable and cheaper option among the dental implant materials.

  3. Dental Implant Material (Crown)

    The dental implant crown can be made from Zirconia or Emax. Zirconia is the more durable option and is preferred for this reason. Additionally, My Implant Dentist uses genuine componentry (e.g. screws, abutments) which adds to the longevity of the final crown.

  4. Bone Grafting

    If there is insufficient bone to support an implant, a bone grafting procedure may be required to add volume to the deficient site. Bone grafting procedures are an additional cost, depending on the complexity of the case.

    For All-on-4, bone grafting is rarely needed, with only around 5% of patients requiring it. When it is necessary, it’s usually for the upper jawbone, also called top arch. For a single dental implant, about 50% of patients require bone grafting.

  5. Dentist’s Expertise and Specialisation

    Dental specialists with additional years of training in implant surgery have higher fees compared to general dentists. At My Implant Dentist we have a combined total of 40 years of training and experience.

  6. Laboratory and Technician Costs

    The fabrication cost of the dental implant crown or bridge often involves a third-party dental laboratory.

    At My Implant Dentist, we take pride in our state-of-the-art, in-house laboratory. This cutting-edge facility not only enables us to guarantee the utmost quality of implant prosthetic devices but also empowers us to minimise expenses, translating to significant cost savings for our valued patients.

  7. Additional Procedures

    Patients might need sinus lifts or soft tissue grafting, adding to the overall cost.

  8. Type of Anaesthesia or Sedation

    General anaesthesia (GA) is costlier than IV sedation. GA is performed in private day surgery and can cost from $1200 AUD to $2000 AUD per hour, depending on the facility.

  9. Treatment Duration and Number of Appointments

    Complex cases requiring multiple visits or extended durations can add to the overall expenditure.

  10. Warranty and Aftercare

    Some dental implant treatments offer extended warranties or aftercare packages. At My Implant Dentist, our warranty period for dental implants is five years on the implant components.

  11. Technology and Equipment

    Advanced technologies like 3D imaging and planning can add to the cost but increase the success rate.

Discover the Transformation: Before and After Dental Implant Success Stories

Our Dental Implant Gallery in Perth unveils the remarkable journey of patients before and after undergoing life-changing dental implant treatments. Dive into the visual narratives of real individuals who have experienced the transformative power of dental implants.

Explore the stunning results in our gallery, where we prioritise making tooth implants affordable for everyone.

To gain further insight into our Perth dental implants costs, view our pricing here.

FAQS About Cost of Dental Implants

How much are dental implants?

The cost of dental implants in Perth, it starts at $3,999 AUD for a single tooth and $19,000 AUD for a full arch of All-On-4® dental implants. It can vary widely depending on various factors.

How much does a single tooth implant cost?

A single tooth implant in Perth starts at $3,999 AUD.

Are there payment plans available at a dentist near me?

Payment plans may be available, and it’s recommended to inquire at the specific dental clinic for information on financing options.

Can I find an implant dentist in Perth?

Yes, implant dentists are available in Perth, and you can find affordable dental implant options at My Implants Dentist.

 Does Bupa cover dental implants?

It’s advisable to check with your specific health insurance provider, like Bupa, to inquire about dental implant coverage.

 What is the cost of full teeth implants?

The cost of full teeth implants can vary, but it typically starts at $19,000 AUD for a full arch of All-On-4® dental implants in Perth. The average cost of dental implants can vary widely based on individual cases and requirements.

Does HCF cover dental implants?

The coverage for dental implants by HCF depends on your insurance plan and individual circumstances, so it’s best to contact HCF directly for precise details.

What about health insurance for dental implants?

Health insurance for dental implants in Australia varies depending on the insurance provider and the specific policy you have. It’s recommended to contact your insurance provider or review your policy documents for detailed information regarding coverage for dental implants or consult to our dentist.

These answers provide a general idea of dental implant costs, but specific pricing may vary based on individual circumstances and clinic policies. It’s advisable to consult with our dental professional for personalised cost estimates.

Reviews Dental Implants Cost Perth

Get an Obligation-Free Dental Implant Consultation in Perth

We offer all of our new patients a no-obligation, free consultation that includes a thorough examination and full diagnosis. Moreover, we understand that every patient has unique needs, so we’ll provide you with a personalised treatment plan as well – all free of charge.

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Dr Kent Tan is the top dental implant and cosmetic treatment expert. On average, he performs 500 to 1000 dental implants yearly., making him one of the most experienced dental implant surgeons in Perth, Western Australia.

Dr Kent is a certified Invisalign provider and has helped many patients achieve straighter teeth with a transparent braces system. In addition, he is skilled in performing a wide range of cosmetic dental treatments such as teeth whitening, dental veneers and bonding.

Dr Kent graduated from the University of Queensland and then went on to lecture in dental implants. He furthered his qualifications by graduating from the Master Clinician Programme in Implant Dentistry in Los Angeles, USA. This additional education allows him to provide his patients with the best possible care.

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