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Accessing Super For Dental Treatment

Key Takeaways:
  • Superannuation is an Australian program that provides medical and dental care to patients who need funding assistance for their dental treatment.
  • Superannuation funds can be used for dental treatments that are considered an emergency or quite critical and not covered in the public health system.
  • The early release of Superannuation funds can take about 14-28 days to process, and the withdrawn amount is taxed as a lump sum if accessed based on financial hardships.
  • It is important to weigh your options carefully before opting for early release of Superannuation funds for dental treatment, seek financial advice, and choose it as a last resort.

Accessing Super for dental treatment can be a hassle, especially if you are not well informed. Super is also known as “Superannuation fund” is a savings plan that allows you to put away money during the time you are working to prepare you for retirement. 

There are a few ways to make use of these funds for pressing dental issues which is what we will look at in depth.

Your mouth is prone to having issues, especially if you have poor dental hygiene. It could be gum swelling, toothache, holes in the teeth, or any other condition, and getting the best treatment may not be so easy with inefficient insurance and huge dental bills. So how is a Superannuation fund the solution?

In this article, we will give detailed information about accessing Superannuation for dental treatment.

Accessing Super For Dental Treatment

What is Superannuation and Can You Use it for Dental Treatment? 

Superannuation is an Australian program that provides medical and dental care to patients who need funding assistance for their dental treatment. Super gives coverage to individuals and even families. 

Although Super can provide financial assistance for dental treatments that some insurance policies do not cover and term cosmetic, it only covers dental treatments that are considered an emergency or quite critical and not covered in the public health system.

Understanding The Superannuation Fund in Australia 

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) is the frontline of the Superannuation Fund. The accumulated funds are meant to be used upon retirement or at the age of 65 years.

Superannuation Funds are accrued to you through your employee’s deposits into a Super account registered in your name. This Super fee is independent of your salary or wages. 

Eligibility to Use Superannuation for Dental Treatment 

There is only one primary reason and means to trigger an early release of your Superannuation Funds which is compassionate early release strictly for critical cases. 

For dental treatment, the funds will be released upon proof of the presence of chronic and acute dental pain. 

This means the pain must have lasted a while and indicates a rapid increase in the amount of pain experienced over time. To validate the pain, you need to have a medical report clearly stating the case stage, to present to the Australian Taxation Office. 

The Benefits of Using Superannuation for Dental Treatment 

There are various benefits of using Superannuation for dental treatment, especially when you have no other means to cover these medical bills. 

The pain can be unbearable and quite frustrating. Here are a few reasons why an early release of Super funds is best for you;

  • You can readily get coverage for your family, spouse, and children.
  • You can get treated in a private dental facility giving you easy access to highly trained personnel.
  • Reduced risk of debts and unexpected huge medical bills.
  • No credit checks.

Early Release of Superannuation for Dental Treatment 

Superannuation funds can be made available in two to four weeks. Once your report is validated, you will be required to fill out early release paperwork which will take two to four weeks to process. 

These medical reports should clearly state your present medical condition and previous case files, it should also be validated by two medical practitioners.

When this is done, you are closer to having the funds released.

How to Apply for Early Release of Superannuation for Dental Treatment 

To apply for an early release of the Superannuation Fund, you need to process your application through your myGov account. The best way to go about it is by filling out the form physically or applying through the Australian Taxation office online.

Firstly, obtain your medical reports containing a valid reason why the fund should be released early, such as acute and chronic pain and treatment not available in the public health system.

Next, access the Australian Taxation Office online (myGov) and then choose the reason for the application. For example, your reason can be a compassionate release of Superannuation.

The Risks of Early Release of Superannuation for Dental Treatment 

Retrieving your Superannuation funds can seem like the best option, especially in situations where you have no other option for dental treatment. 

There are some risk factors attached such as;

  • Illegally withdrawn Super can lead to heavy financial penalties and burdens.
  • You risk reducing your financial stability in the future for the present.

Using Your Superannuation for Dental Work in Perth 

Perth is now known for its quality standard of dental care and partnering with a dental clinic that has experience with the compassionate early release of superannuation will make the process seamless.

Accessing Dental Treatment through Australian Super Dental 

The Australian Super Dental also verifies early Super release for some reasons including;

  • Compassionate release.
  • On grounds of relocation out of Australia.
  • Terminal sickness and incapacity.
  • Financial hardships.

Super Dental Treatment and Perth’s Dental Clinics 

At Perth dental clinics, the Superannuation early release still pertains and is very much a suitable payment plan in cases of insufficient or unavailable funds to take care of crucial and emergency dental issues. 

Perth offers high-quality service so, understandably, you will love to get the best care to take away the pain and risk of possible recurrence. 

Your oral surgeries, dental implants, and other treatments are now made easily accessible. Remember that you can get coverage for your family and it can be the full cost covered or part of the procedure, it all depends on your choice.