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How To Access Super For Dental Work

Key Takeaways:
  • As an Australian, you can access your Superannuation early to cover the cost of your dental treatment.
  • Most Superannuation funds have eligibility criteria such as proof of the financial need for the treatment.
  • You should turn to the Super when you have run out of options to cover the cost of your treatment.

Dental work is an inevitable aspect of every human’s oral health. However, depending on the situation, the cost of dental treatment can be relatively high.

Luckily, as an Australian citizen, you can have early access to your Superannuation funds, which will, in many cases, cover the total cost of your dental treatment. The tricky part is accessing these funds urgently and as soon as needed.

This article will cover all you need to know about the benefits and early access superannuation for dental treatments in Perth, so keep reading.

How To Access Super For Dental Work?

Can I Access My Super for Dental Work?

As previously stated, you can get your Superannuation funds released early to get the required dental treatment. At this point, you may be wondering what this Superannuation fund is all about and why it can save you from expensive dental work.

Well, they are designed as an investment platform to help people save for their retirement. In Australia, employers are required to contribute a portion of their employees’ salaries to a Superannuation fund. This is then invested in a range of assets, such as shares, property, or cash.

The amount of Superannuation a person receives depends on several factors, like how much they have contributed in their working lives, their return on investment, and any fees associated with their fund. This fund is sole to be accessed after retirement, but there are certain circumstances where you can access Superannuation early, in most cases for dental work.

Early Release of Super for Dental Treatment

 Let us dive straight into how you, as an Australian, can get your Super released early.

Eligibility Criteria for Early Release of Super for Dental Treatment

  • Severe Dental Treatment Needs: If you are going to access your Super for dental treatment, you need to have severe dental needs that cannot be met through any other means.
  • No Access To Alternative Funding: The person should have no access to any other source of funding such as insurance, savings, or government assistance.
  • Evidence Of Treatment Need: You will need to provide proof of your need for dental treatment. You can use a dental report or invoice for this purpose.
  • Insufficient Funds: In addition to lacking an alternative means of funding, you need to demonstrate that you do not have sufficient funds to cover the cost of your treatment.

Process for Applying for Early Release of Super

Luckily, the application process for your Superannuation is relatively straightforward; you just need to follow the steps below.

  • Contact your Superannuation fund: You will need to reach out to your Superannuation fund as a first step in getting your Super released.
  • Obtain a dental report: Next. you will need to get a dental report or invoice from your dentist which contains the treatment and cost details.
  • Complete the application form: You will need to complete the form given to you and attach the dental report which you have obtained previously.
  • Apply and await approval: Finally, you need to submit the application for early release of Superannuation funds and await your access to the funds for your dental treatment.

Timeframe for Accessing Super for Dental Work  

There is no set time frame to access Super for your treatment, as it depends on your circumstances and the processing time. However, the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) proposes that the funds be released within 10 business days after the approval of the Super.

Still, we recommend turning to your Superannuation funds as a last resort after trying every other legitimate means to pay for your dental work. This is because accessing your Super early will reduce your retirement funds and may also result in additional fees.

Rest Super Early Release Dental: What You Need to Know

Rest Easy is a Superannuation fund in Australia that facilitates savings for retirement on behalf of its members. It is one of the largest Superannuation funds in the country with over 2 million members. Fortunately, they offer an early release program that allows the use of your Superannuation funds for dental treatment.

To be eligible you must have reached your preservation age and meet specific medical criteria which in most cases is a life-threatening dental condition. The condition must be supported by a dental specialist’s recommendation, and treatment must not be available under dental insurance.

The amount that can be made available under the Rest Super early release program is limited to $10,000 per financial year, subject to approval by Rest Super and the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).

How to Apply for Rest Super Early Release Dental

Below are the steps that eligible members must follow to apply for an early release of their Rest Super funds.

  1. Obtain A Recommendation From A Dental Specialist: You will need to visit a dental specialist who will provide a written recommendation stating that the dental issue is life-threatening and will affect your quality of life. The recommendation should also include a proposed treatment plan and cost.
  2. Complete the early release of the Superannuation application: Next, you will complete the Superannuation fund application and submit it to Rest Super, making sure that it includes the relevant documentation.
  3. Await approval: Rest Super will review the application and decide whether to approve the early release of the Superannuation fund. If approved, they will forward the application to the ATO for final approval.
  4. Receive payment: If the early release of Superannuation is approved, Rest Super will send the payment directly to your dental practitioner.

Using Super for Dental Treatment in Perth

Perth is home to several high-quality dental clinics that offer a variety of dental treatments to people, ranging from preventive dentistry such as teeth cleaning to restorative dentistry such as dental implant placement. Some of these treatments can be expensive and not everyone can afford them, this is where Super for dental treatment in Perth comes in.

Benefits of Using Super for Dental Treatment in Perth

  • Accessibility: