Dental Implants for Seniors

Dental Implants For Pensioners – More Affordable 10% Seniors Discount

Dental implants for seniors in Australia

Dental implants are both functionally and aesthetically more effective solutions for missing teeth.

At My Implant Dentist in Perth, we are proud to offer a cost-effective full-mouth restoration solution.
With our 10% seniors/pensioner discount, you can now access dental implants with flexible payment options.

Discounted Dental Implants for Seniors

To qualify for this offer you just need to be a WA based senior with a valid WA seniors card. We also offer payment plans for pensioners and assistance to access your Super.

Because older people represent a significant proportion of the population in Perth and WA, we want to support WA’s smiles with this offer. Contact us today for a FREE Dental Implant consultation.

Dental Implants Cost in Australia

A single dental implant procedure can cost anywhere between $3500 and $7000 depending upon a number of factors. To replace all teeth on either the upper OR lower jaw, prices start from $16,000.00 AUD. 

We keep costs low for you; these are the cost factors for dental implants:

  • Implant Materials – Dental implants exist of many components and it’s important that only the best and longest-lasting components are chosen.
  • The experience of the dentist – Our Dentists want to be on the cutting edge of dental implantation and regularly spend a lot of money on training programs to attend and seminars on the latest techniques. 
  • The complexity of the case – price fluctuations are reflected in the complexity of a particular case often. If a bone graft or a sinus lift is required, clearly there is more than a simple dental implant placement cost.

As you can see that it is difficult to put an exact price on dental implants, as there are too many factors and variables that can influence the final cost. That is why you will find a variation of this type of pricing.

Are dental implants safe for the elderly?

We have successfully placed dental implants for many WA seniors. In fact, it is the elderly who benefit the most from dental implants in Perth.

As people get older, they tend to lose teeth due to gum disease or expire, and often end up with partial or full sets of dentures. Bone loss makes your dentures feel loose. It is important for older people to socialise with friends and family and all too often spoiled loose dentures makes them lose confidence and shy away from social events removed. It’s about quality of life, and we are glad to help you improve yours.

Implants are just as effective in a senior patient, as they are in a person who is half his age and they also heal well. Even with bone loss Dental implants can regulary be placed in a patient without bone grafting.

Are dental implants covered by health insurance

Dental implant cover depends on the kind of plan you have with the health insurance you’ve chosen. But even if your cover does include major dentistry, your health insurance won’t cover the entire cost, only a small part of your dental implant surgery.

So you should expect to pay a significant gap between what your insurer pays and what you will have to fork out for beautiful teeth.