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Cost of Dentures for Pensioners in Australia

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cost of dentures for pensioners

The cost of dentures for pensioners in Australia is an important consideration. Due to the high cost of everyday living, you are likely budget-smart.

Additionally, statistics show that 30% of adults in Australia avoid seeing a dentist due to cost. While this may seem like it is not a big deal, it actually is. Your dental health is as important as your overall health. As an elderly person, you are more vulnerable to tooth decay and other dental challenges.

This article covers all you need to know about the cost of dentures for pensioners.

Are there Free Dentures For Pensioners?

Dentures for pensioners are not free in Australia.

Certain government health care cards may provide benefits, please contact the relevant card issuers listed below to see if you are eligible.

We have researched and documented the denture schemes for each state in Australia, please read on below.

PLEASE CALL MEDICARE 132 011 to find out more on your eligibility!

Concession Cards

  • Pensioner Concession Card

    As a pensioner having this pension concession card makes you eligible to access dental services through Medicare. However, these dental services differ and vary by state as not all services are covered by the eligibility of the pensioner concession card.

    The eligibility for the pensioner concession card holds if

    • You’re 60 years or older
    • Have a partial capacity to work, and 
    • You are a recipient of any of these payments:
      • Age Pension, 
      • Carer Payment, 
      • Disability Support Pension, 
      • Job Seeker Payment or Youth Allowance, and 
      • Single Parenting Payment. 


  • Commonwealth Seniors Health Card

    The Commonwealth Seniors Health Card (CSHC) is for people who have reached pension age.
    To get this card, you must:

    • Be age pension or older (at least 67 years).
    • Be an Australian citizen or have permanent residency — as a permanent resident, you will have to wait for four years before you can apply.
    • Not be a recipient of age pension payment.
    • Meet identity requirements and income test.


  • Health Care Card

    This card has an annual limit on what you can claim. The health care cards are given to people who are not qualified for the pensioner’s concession cards but are receiving government assistance such as widow’s allowance, Newstart, and carer payments. Just like the pensioners’ concession card, entitlement to it varies by state and region.

    For example: In New South Wales (NSW), the care cardholders have access to dental services like the general and emergency dental testament. However, dental cosmetic services are not covered by the card.

Australian Government Dental Scheme for Pensioners

The Australian Dental Association (ADA) has introduced a senior dental benefits scheme that states that all Pensioner Concession Card holders over 65 and all Commonwealth card holders are entitled to a reduced public or private dental treatment every two years.

dental implant for pensioner

Pensioner Denture Scheme Western Australia

  • Adult concession cardholders can get subsidised emergency and general dental care at public dental clinics or private dental clinics that participate in the Western Australian Government Scheme.
  • People who currently hold a Health Care Card or Pension Concession Card are eligible for the basic amount of denture subsidy for emergency and general dental care.
  • This rate is presently 50% of the total treatment cost.
  • The Veterans Affairs Gold Card entitles cardholders to free dental care at public dental clinics in some distant areas. This treatment is billed by the Department of Veterans Affairs Pricing Schedules.

How To Apply in Western Australia

Adult Dental service locations can be found by calling Dental Health Services on 9313 0555 or visiting the Department of Health website at au.

Western Australia Eligibility

Western Australians hold a Pensioner Concession Card or a Health Care Card. Those holding a Department of Veterans’ Affairs Gold card are eligible for care at public dental clinics only in certain remote locations. To confirm your eligibility, please phone Dental Health Services on 9313 0555

Pensioner Denture Scheme New south wales

Eligible NSW (New South Wales) citizens can get dental treatment from the public dental services or the Oral Health Fee for Service Scheme (OHFSS) voucher to use at a public dental service registered dental practitioner.

How To Get A Voucher

The voucher is only issued to eligible pensioners. Therefore, you must meet all the requirements to become eligible to get a voucher. Eligible residents must:

  • Be a New South Wales (NSW) resident
  • Have a  pensioners concession card or a health card, or a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card.

To get a voucher, call the South Western Sydney phone on (02) 9293 3333 or the state coordinator on 1800 938 133.


Pension Denture Scheme Victoria

  • Adult Concession Cardholders can get emergency and general dental care from Dental Health Services, Victoria, in public dental clinics or community health centres, regional hospitals, and the Royal Dental Hospital of Melbourne.
  • A minor price is charged to most clients of the services at each visit up to a certain amount. Advanced dental treatment may be available for a charge that exceeds the maximum. In comparison, some people are eligible for free therapy.

How To Apply in Victoria

You can locate your nearest community dental facility on 1300 360054 or contact the Dental Health Services Victoria website.


A denture voucher will pay the majority of the dentures cost. The fee will be the same as at a community dentistry clinic. To revive dental treatments through the public dental systems, you must meet certain requirements. 

There might be additional eligibility requirements for dental expert services. Some of them include:

  • You must be a resident of Victoria
  • Have a health-care card or a Premium Concession Card.
  • The Department of Veterans Affairs has issued you a Veteran Gold Card or Veteran Pensioners Card.


Do Pensioners Pay for Dentures in Australia?

According to the 2017 Australian Dental Fee Survey, the cost of dentures for pensioners is between $1,350-3,500.

So, yes, pensioners pay for dentures.

How Much Do False Teeth Cost in Australia?

According to the National Dental Fee Survey of 2017, a conventional upper and lower denture can cost between $1,350-$3,500. However, a lot of factors may affect dentures’ price. Some of these factors include; denture type, denture materials used, and the manufacturing fees. Also, denture procedure varies by state and region, same as denture prices.

Does Medicare Cover Dentures in Australia?

Medicare only covers some essential dental services, but it doesn’t cover dentures or other dental procedures.

What is An Affordable Price for Dentures?

The cost of full mouth dentures, which includes both upper and lower sets, starts from $2,500, whereas a single tooth denture begins at $500 and a partial denture is priced starting from $700.

Are there insurance waiting periods for dentures?

Yes. When you sign up for a dental insurance policy covering dentures, you’ll typically have to wait a year before you’re eligible for coverage.

It may take some time, but this is so that insurance companies aren’t overburdened with people buying policies only when they need treatment. If you require treatment right away, you may be able to obtain health insurance with no waiting periods.

Fortunately, many other services, such as general dental, physiotherapy, optical, and chiro, do not have such a long waiting period, so there are still plenty of reasons to have an extras policy before you’re eligible for dentures coverage.

How can I pay for dentures?

Dentures can be paid for in a variety of ways, including:

  • Purchasing an extras policy that includes dentures. It’s usually included with most major dental procedures.
  • Medicare. If you can’t afford an extras policy or pay for dentures outright, you may be eligible for Medicare-covered dentures.
  • Loan for medical expenses. If you can’t afford treatment upfront but don’t want to wait, consider a medical loan – make sure you can afford the payments.
  • You must pay the total amount. You can pay for dentures on your own if you don’t want to pay for private health insurance. Keep in mind that they will not be inexpensive.


Getting free dentures for pensioners is possible. You must qualify for a free denture through the public health system. There are health cards in a place that you can use for this purpose. Asides from the health care cards, you can go to a teaching clinic or resort to sourcing for the best prices at your convenience.


Before placing your appointment at any dental clinic, research and find out if you’re eligible and the options available. Government assistance is in place to help with dental treatment, such as Medicare. Always ensure you have Medicare ceps or access the public dental clinics to know if you’re eligible for dental vouchers.


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