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Cone Beam CT Scan PERTH Cost – Dental Imaging & Radiology

Key Takeaways:
  • Cone Beam CT Scan (CBCT) is a 3D imaging technique used in dentistry for diagnosis and treatment planning.
  • Medicare coverage for cone beam CT scans depends on the plan and medical necessity.
  • Cone beam CT scans show detailed 3D images of bones, teeth, and structures in the head and neck.
  • A cone beam CT scan may be necessary for specific medical or dental conditions.
  • Disadvantages of cone beam CT scans include radiation exposure, high cost, and limited availability.
  • The length of a cone beam CT scan can vary but generally takes only a few minutes.
  • CBCT is fast, comfortable, non-invasive, and provides low radiation doses.
  • The cost of a CBCT scan ranges from $100-$500 and may be covered by insurance.
  • It is useful for a variety of dental procedures including dental implant surgery, wisdom teeth treatment, root canal therapy, orthodontic treatment, and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disease.
  • It is important to discuss the benefits and risks of CBCT with a dental professional.
Cone Beam CT Scan PERTH Cost - Dental Imaging & Radiology


If you’re looking for the latest technology in dental imaging and radiology services, a Cone Beam CT Scan in Perth is the way to go.

It’s now easy to detect dental issues before starting a dental procedure. Before beginning any major dental treatment, your dentist will have to scan your teeth. This assessment is to ensure you are a good fit for the treatment. 

However, standard x-ray scans produce a high amount of radiation, which can harm the body. What makes it worse is that the scan is not so fast and may not take your entire teeth. 

Fortunately, a newly developed technology has made dental imaging a lot easier. This is the Cone Beam CT Scan or CBCT scan. 

This article clearly explains what the CBCT is all about, the cost of the scan, and when you should use it. Let’s find out more information. 

What Is A Cone Beam CT Scan?

A cone beam computed tomography (CT) scan is an advanced technique that allows you to view your face, teeth, and jaw in 3D. Clinicians (including dentists) use it to get more information about your face, jaws, and teeth for better diagnosis and treatments.

Cone Beam CT scan Perth is a more advanced form of dental imaging. At My Implant Dentist, we use cone beam CT to evaluate dental Anatomy, like assessing pre-implants and impacted teeth, among others. 

A Cone Beam CT scan captures this information through a cone shape x-ray. It captures about 200 images from various angles.

Why Are Cone Beam CT Scans Necessary?

Cone Beam Scan in Perth shows all your tissues, bones, and nerves in great detail. It is important because it helps the dentist know the right diagnosis and plan the right treatment method before beginning the procedure.

A CBCT scan is very important for successful dental implant surgery. It helps the dental surgeon get the right measurements of your teeth and jaw. This can also help the dentist easily locate the exact area of the pain.

Benefits of Cone Beam CT Scan Perth

Our dental surgeons (periodontists) use the CBCT scan to ensure you leave with healthy teeth, gums, and a beautiful smile. 

1. A CBCT Scan provides improved quality and more accurate image details of your draw teeth and other areas of your face.

2. It is comfortable and fast. It results in less than a minute, usually within 40 seconds. 

3. A single scan can show all the information about potential issues like facial fractures, tooth decay, abnormal growths in your mouth, and face or bone loss. 

4. The scan is painless and non-invasive. It also gives very low radiation doses.

5. It is great for implant dentistry, ensuring a safe treatment. It’s easy for the dentist to measure the jawbone and create a virtual model of your teeth and bone. This will help the dentist design the bone accurately. 

6. The CBCT scan is used to locate where the sensory nerves are. The dentist can easily select the right implant length and reduce the risk of nerve damage. 

7. It is very affordable. 

8. The Cone Beam CT scan is suitable for various dental procedures like:

  • Dental Implant surgery 
  • Impacted wisdom teeth treatment
  • Bone loss from periodontal disease 
  • Root canal therapy (endodontic treatment)
  • Tooth or facial fractures
  • Orthodontic treatment 
  • Bone density measurement 
  • Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) disease 
  • Jaw and nerve canal evaluation 

How Much Does A Cone Beam CT Scan Cost Perth, WA?

A typical Cone Beam CT cost ranges from $100 — $500. But if you were referred by a Medicare dentist, you can get Medicare rebates. 

The CBCT scan can be covered by insurance, but this depends on your dental health insurance provider and the type of plan. 

Cone Beam CT Scan Procedure (What To Expect)

The CBCT Scan procedure involves the dentist or person in charge using a rectangular or round cone-shaped x-ray beam to move around the patient’s head at 360°. The cone beam scans around the patient’s head, which is held stable in a head holder.

The x-ray beam rotates around the patient’s head, producing 150 – 200 high-quality images.

The dentist or person in charge will tell you to sit or lie down during the procedure. This depends on the type of cone beam CT scanner used. You’ll have to stay still when the x-ray detector moves around you in a 360° rotation. 

The entire procedure takes between 20 – 40 seconds for a full-mouth x-ray. This type of X-ray captures the whole mouth and dental structures. However, it takes only 10 seconds or less for a regional scan which only takes a specific area of the mouth (mandible or maxilla).

The entire procedure is quick and painless. If you are pregnant, you should inform your dentist. Also, you shouldn’t wear metal objects like jewellery, hearing aids, hair pins, or eyeglasses. These can interfere with the imaging.

Possible Risks Of A CBCT Scan Perth 

Dental CBCT scans give more radiation than conventional x-ray scans. This can prove harmful to younger patients because they are more sensitive to radiation and can develop ill effects.

Hence, you should only do a CBCT scan if it is necessary for the diagnosis or disease treatment. Before going for a CBCT scan, you should:

  • Discuss with your Healthcare provider to review the benefits and risks associated with the procedure. Also, check if the clinic uses radiation reduction techniques for children. 
  • Keep a record of a medical imaging history.

Difference Between Dental CBCT And Standard X-rays 

When compared to standard X-rays, dental CBCT scans Perth are better. This is because they are more detailed in capturing information about your dental health. 

Additionally, CBCT uses fewer doses of radiation. It gives out various images at different angles showing their bones, soft tissues, and nerves.


How Long Does A CBCT Dental Scan Take in Perth?

It takes less than a minute, typically between 20 to 40 seconds for a full-mouth x-ray and 10 seconds for a regional x-ray. 

Is Cone Beam CT Required For Root Canal?

Yes. It is. But it’s not necessary for every root canal therapy.

Does Insurance cover Cone Beam CT Perth, WA?

Yes, but only for medically necessary scans. 

Is A CBCT Worth It?

A CBCT scan is worth it gives an overview of your dental health and helps detect potential dental issues. 

Does Medicare Cover CBCT Scans Perth?

Yes. Medicare covers only medically necessary diagnostic tests. This includes CBCT scans. 

Final Takeaway

A Cone Beam CT scan is very important and necessary for serious dental procedures. You don’t have to be scared about going through the procedure. 

Our CBCT scan technique allows our dentists to easily check your overall dental health to determine if you are fit for dental implant surgery. Our goal is to give you value by ensuring you leave with a healthier and more beautiful smile. 
My Implant Dentist has over 5 locations across Perth and Brisbane. Feel free to visit us at any of these locations. Or you can contact us via email or send a quote. We are ready to give the best dental treatment experience ever.