Sleep Dentistry Perth - Pain Free Dental Care Treatment Option

What is Sleep Dentistry Perth?

Patient’s feeling anxious when visiting the dentist is common.

We understand that Perth dental implants surgery procedures can be stressful and fear provoking treatments that patients would prefer to experience under sedation. This is called sleep dentistry, and this is a service we offer to our patients at My Implant Dentist Clinics.

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Can Dental Treatment Be Totally Pain-Free?

Local anaesthesia can numb the targeted area. However, patients who prefer to be completely unaware, sleep dentistry is a good option.

Sleep dentistry involves the use of an intravenous sedative that induces a state of twilight consciousness. This means the patient is conscious enough to understand simple requests by the clinical team; however, they will not have memory of the experience. Sleep dentistry also allows us to complete more work in a single chair visit than would usually be possible with local anaesthesia.

In-house Anaesthesia

Here at My Implant Dentist, we have a highly experienced and professional qualified anaesthetists. They will guide you through the sleep dentistry process and are happy to answer all of your questions and concerns.

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