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Sleep Dentistry Perth - Pain Free Dental Care Treatment Option

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Pain Free Dental Care Treatment Option

When you hear the term “sleep dentistry,” what comes to mind may be dentistry while you sleep. Well, you’re not far from it.


Sleep dentistry is a great alternative for patients who have dental anxiety or are about to undergo a lengthy procedure. A lot of people are not aware that this option is available to them as not every dental clinic may offer sleep dentistry in Perth.


This article will cover all you need to know about sleep dentistry, and you may find that you’ll never miss a dentist’s appointment due to fear again.

What Is Sleep Dentistry?

Sleep dentistry (also called sedation dentistry or twilight sedation) is a procedure in which the patient is administered a sedative medication to get them in a calm and relaxed state during a dental procedure.


It gets you to be at total ease during the dental procedure. Sometimes you may enter into a mild or deep sleep. With sleep dentistry, you typically have little to no recollection of the procedure.

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How Does It Work?

There are various levels of sedation dentistry depending on the type of sleep dentistry your dentist administers for your dental procedure. Most sedation options work to keep you calm while you stay conscious.


The sedation works to make you drowsy and unaware of your surroundings whilst you are in the dental chair for the procedure. In most cases, you won’t even have a memory of the dental procedure.


There are 3 levels of sedation, which are dependent on the administered sedation.

  • Conscious or minimal sedation

    Here you are awake during the dental treatment but are very calm and somewhat groggy.

  • Mild Sedation

    In this level, you seem to enter in and out of sleep but can easily be awoken with a slight nudge.

  • Deep Sedation

    This level takes you to a deep sleep where you are somewhat unconscious and cannot be woken without a reversal medication or when the sedative wears out.

Types Of Sleep Dentistry

As much as there are levels of sleep dentistry, there are sedation options to match these levels.

These are:

Oral Sedation

This type of sedation rests on the second level of sleep dentistry, where you are slightly awake but calm and relaxed. You may also fall into a deep sleep but that won’t affect your ability to communicate with your dentist as you can be awoken with a slight nudge.


The dentist simply administers you a sedative usually a pill at least an hour before your dental surgery so it can activate. Most dentists make use of Halcion, which is also a member of the Valium family. However, your dentist may use other suitable medications too. They may use syrup sedatives for children.


The oral sedation affects your motor and memory skills and this make takes up to 24 hours to wear off. So, you’ll want to have a trusted friend or family member with you to drive you home.

Laughing Gas

The sedative used in this type of sleep dentistry is Nitrous oxide but it is also referred to as laughing gas. This sedative offers the mildest sedation and you are mostly aware of your surroundings during the dental treatment.


The medication is administered to you through a mask and kicks off within 3-5 minutes. The dentist may still need to administer a local anesthetic to numb all pain since the laughing gas only works to keep you relaxed.


The gas can be flushed out of your system with oxygen once the procedure is over. This is the only sleep dentistry option that allows you to drive home yourself.

IV Sedation

Intravenous sedation is one of the sedatives that causes you to go into a deep sleep during your treatment. The sedative medications are administered directly to your bloodstream through IV lines. What’s more, the medication kicks off within a few minutes.


The dentist ensures to monitor you throughout your procedure. They pay keen attention to your heart rate, oxygen levels and blood pressure. The dentist may adjust your sedation and administer a reversal medication if need be.


Since IV sedation takes you into a deep sleep, you will likely not have any memory of the procedure. It also interferes with your motor skills so you must have a trusted person take you home. IV sedation is suitable for patients with extreme dental anxiety.

General Anaesthesia

This is an unconscious type of sedation, which means that you do not remain awake during the procedure. You will have zero remembrance of the dental treatment.


General anesthesia is mostly administered to people with special needs (including cognitive, physical, or behavioural), people with extreme dental anxiety, and children. As with oral sedation and IV sedation, you can’t go home by yourself.


A general anesthetic can only be administered by a dentist with advanced, personalized training. Sometimes, an anesthesiologist may be tasked with providing this sort of anesthesia.

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How Much Does Sleep Dentistry Cost?

The average cost of your sleep dentistry procedure will depend on the sedative medication your dentist recommends. A need to call a experts will also factor in the overall cost of your treatment. My Implant Dentist strives to provide affordable sleep dentistry for patients in Perth by carefully looking at the treatment requirements and budget.

What Are The Benefits Of Sleep Dentistry?

Overcome Anxiety And Fear

When you undergo sleep dentistry, the fear or anxiety associated with dental treatments is eliminated. That is because the procedure works to keep you calm through the procedure, and you may not even have the memory in some cases. So, you can walk to the dental centre with confidence.

Rest And Comfort

Sleep dentistry, as has been explained in this article, is performed to keep you calm. So, it eliminates every feeling of agitation while you undergo treatment, whether it’s for a wisdom tooth extraction, dental implant, or oral surgery.

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It Doesn’t Waste Time

Many patients report that time seems to go by in a breeze during their sleep dentistry procedures. Even the longest surgeries can seem to be carried out rather quickly with sleep dentistry treatment.

It Is Cost Effective

Your dentist may be able to complete various dentistry procedures while you are sedated. This saves you the cost of having to schedule multiple dental appointments.


There is usually a slight risk associated with getting anesthesia. However, sedation in dentistry is generally safe when administered by an experienced dentist.

Am I Suitable For Sleep Dentistry?​

Sleep dentistry is generally suitable for adults and children alike. However, there might be an increased risk associated with people who are obese or have OSA. Other than that, sleep dentistry will be convenient for you if:

  • Have been avoiding a dental visit due to fear
  • Have dental anxiety
  • Are uncomfortable with dental tools
  • Have an overly sensitive gag reflex
  • Have a high pain intolerance
  • Are claustrophobic in the dental chair
  • Have difficulty controlling their movements.
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How Much Does It Cost To Be Put Asleep At The Dentist?

As earlier stated, the cost to avail of sleep dentistry varies based on the type of sedative medication used.

Can You Be Put To Sleep For Dentistry?

The process of being put to sleep or sedated for dentistry is called “sleep dentistry.” It can be carried out by a qualified dentist.

Can A Dentist Put You To Sleep For Extraction?

The dentist may use a sedative to keep you relaxed during wisdom tooth extraction. In most cases, you may receive general anesthesia through an arm injection.

How Much Does Oral Conscious Sedation Cost?

The cost of oral conscious sedation can vary and the add-on of a professional to monitor your vitals may add to the cost as well.

Can You Still Feel Pain With Laughing Gas?

Laughing gas makes you feel relaxed, you may however feel slight pain during the procedure. Local anesthesia will be administered to numb this.

Does Insurance Cover Sleep Dentistry?

A standard dental plan may not cover sleep dentistry. However, your insurance may cover it if it is deemed a medical necessity.


Sleep dentistry in Perth is an option that is still barely tapped, yet it is a very effective method. You won’t need to skip your dental appointment to the detriment of your beautiful smile ever again. The Implant Dentist has dentists on standby to administer sleep dentistry so call to schedule an appointment now.

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