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How much does it cost - Urgent Denture Repair

The cost of Urgent Denture Repair varies to the material being used and the number of teeth. If you break a denture tooth and is visible to the world, it is an emergency!

My Implant Dentist will help you fixed it up quickly and back to smiling and eating to your best. We give priority bookings for patients who have either broken their dentures, lost a denture tooth or need a new tooth added to the denture after they have had one of their natural teeth extracted.

Emergency Denture Repair Perth
Emergency Denture Repair Perth

Common urgent Denture Repair scenarios

For direct denture care service, call your local My Implant Dentist clinic so we can get you in to have your denture repaired fast.

Same day urgent denture repair in Perth

Generally, we can fix your denture within one day. In fact, depending on the nature of the damage, you could have your denture restored within a 4 hour period.

We give priority to Urgent Denture repair situations. Don’t suffer with a damaged set of dentures. Simply contact us for an appointment, and we’ll see you as soon as possible.

Emergency Denture Repair Perth
Emergency Denture Repair

Denture Relines

The shape of our gums changes regularly, so if you wear dentures it is likely that you will need a regular reline to ensure that they continue to fit correctly in your mouth.

If your upper denture felt like falling due to the suction is limited, or find that food is getting stuck under your lower denture, it is likely that you need a reline to improve retention and stability.

How many times can dentures be relined?

For Denture Care, a denture reline must occur at most every two years. However, if you feel any discomfort or your dentures in your mouth simply because its not fit and are loose, getting a reline will most likely solve the problem and return you comfortable with the feeling of your new teeth.

Denture Repairs & Services FAQs

Although super glues can be effective temporarily, the best glue is a dental-grade resin but acrylic resin can be costly if you are on a budget. Especially because it is intended for dentists’ use only, it can be expensive. Contact us to know more about denture repairs in Perth.

If you are in a rush, perhaps your smile is heavily compromised, super glue can be an effective solution for fixing a broken denture temporarily. Super glue can hold your dentures together for a few days. You can also buy denture repair kits that can be bought at almost any drug store or grocery. These denture repair kits have few of the tools and solutions you need in order to keep your denture together temporarily. Click here to know more about dental emergency.

Having your denture broken is not a life-threatening dental emergency. However, you would most likely want your broken denture fixed immediately. After all, not wearing your dentures can cause problems to the health of your remaining teeth. When you chew without your dentures on, it puts more pressure on your neighboring teeth that can result in face changes and jaw problems.

A denture that has is broken in half can only be repaired by a skilled Prosthodontist. In case of emergency, if a tooth is chipped, cracked, removed or the pink acrylic has come out, you can temporarily fix it at home before going to the dentist. Don’t hesitate to contact us to book an appointment, and we will do our best to restore your smile as soon as possible.
When you apply super glue to your broken denture, make sure to let the glue dry completely before you wear the denture again. Otherwise, you will experience a bad chemical taste, and know that super glues are somewhat toxic. This solution will not last for long and try not to eat on the repaired tooth.

Some denture creams containing zinc, such as Super Poligrip and Fixodent, can develop high levels of zinc in your blood. Even though the body requires zinc in small amounts, excessive zinc consumption can lead to zinc poisoning or hyperzincemia.

Many people adapt to new dentures right away, but for some, it can take a few months before they get accustomed to the fit and feel. It is common to experience a little difficulty when speaking and feel mild discomfort while adapting to your new dentures. But give it some time and your jaw and gums will adjust to the new dentures and you can get back to feeling like yourself again. Click here to learn more about Dental Emergency

Each person will have a different adjustment period, and it may take you some time to be comfortable with your new denture. But through time, your jaw bones and gums will shift and your dentures won’t fit as well. This requires your dentures to be adjusted, modified, or replaced by your dentist. It is advised to never try to adjust your dentures yourself.

You may have been wearing your dentures all day causing some pressure to the surrounding gums. Relieve the pressure by taking your dentures out while you sleep to give your gums a chance to relax. You can mix 1 half to 1 teaspoon of salt to a glass of warm water, and rinse your mouth for 20 to 30 seconds to help reduce inflammation. You may also apply a topical gel made specifically for oral pain relief or dental cream to the sore areas on your gums.

Denture repair kits are only temporary. According to FDA, prolonged use of home-repaired dentures can lead to faster bone loss, continuing irritation, sores, and tumors.

Denture repair can take more than 24 hours depending on the severity of the damage. If your denture has a chipped tooth then it can be repaired in just a couple of hours, but a cracked acrylic base may take at least a day to repair.

If it is only a tooth that has fallen off your denture, then you can fix it at home by applying super glue to put the tooth back on temporarily. But as always, a professional repair with dental grade acrylic resin is the best long term fix.

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