Natural looking dentures for your dental needs

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Can you get dentures that look like real teeth?

Cosmetic dentures are more like real teeth, by their very nature. We call it cosmetics because they are intended to make her look beautiful and smile! Cosmetic dentures also tend to feel much more natural than other prosthetic options. They fit naturally into the mouth of a person to help them chew and speak efficiently.

A prosthesis is a removable device inserted in the mouth in order to replace natural teeth and provide structural support to the cheeks and lips. Conventional prostheses are made after removal of the tooth, once tissues and gums are cured. An immediate denture is created before extractions and then placed immediately after the procedure removal of the tooth, allowing the underlying tissues to heal.

Specialty prostheses our dental office in downtown Perth are professionally hand for the right fit, with multiple choices of materials for first class comfort, appearance and function. Wearing dentures does not have to be uncomfortable or unattractive – Perth, our dentists use advanced techniques for creating custom prosthesis that appear like natural teeth, will not slip and allow patients to eat and speak with comfort.

Custom Denture Care

The best way to ensure a long life for your custom teeth is to carry out proper care of the teeth every day. Dentures, and the like with natural teeth, require daily maintenance to keep clean and to prevent bacteria growth in the mouth. To keep your teeth clean and healthy, smile false, comply with the instructions provided by the dentist. Consider the following tips to help prevent the need for repair or replacement of premature teeth.

  • Remove and rinse your dentures after eating
  • Rinse your dentures thoroughly before inserting
  • Clean your mouth after removing dentures
  • Call your dentist if your dentures break or crack
  • Enjoy your dentures overnight
  • Treat your dentures carefully
  • Brush your dentures daily
  • Schedule regular dental check-ups

What are dentures’ most natural look?

Aspen dentures are tailored to suit you – making them incredibly comfortable and natural. At the beginning of the process of teeth, there is a period of “try-in”. Your teeth can be placed in wax for you, and your dentist can see what your dentures will look like.

Natural-Looking Dentures Enhance Your Smile

In choosing to work with us, we design your dentures with general satisfaction in mind. We want your dentures to match the appearance of your natural smile, even the color of your teeth and gums.

Each prosthesis is designed using resin shading to our dental office to match the color of your natural gum tissue. When you are building your teeth, artificial teeth put each separately in the acrylic base. This means that there will be variations in its teeth, and the variations in a natural smile.

If you need dentures, but can not bear to live with “false teeth”, you might be surprised to know that the prostheses nowadays are creating designs that look realistic and improve your smile. Technological improvements enable our physicians to develop devices in modern and comfortable materials that make it easy to enjoy a variety of foods normally considered off limits for holders’ dentures. Checkout for more prevention and care of your dentures. 

We appreciate your concerns about missing teeth, and we want to make it easy for you to reach all, healthy smiles you deserve. We understand that the prospect of dentures may seem a bit overwhelming.

Having full dentures will help to chew and support facial structure and improve speech. Whatever type you choose, you can be assured of false teeth, natural-looking, that match your facial structure and color of the desired tooth. So they take some getting used to and will never feel exactly the same as natural teeth, dentures are our natural looking and more comfortable than ever.