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Dental Implants South Perth

Your Complete Guide To Dental Implants 2021

You only get one smile. Make it last a lifetime with dental implants.
Implants are metal components anchored into the jaw bone and topped off with artificial teeth. They serve as replacements for the roots of the tooth to hold down the synthetic crown. The perfect replacement for broken or missing teeth.

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Making the decision to get dental implants means you are taking steps towards achieving better oral health, aesthetics and function.

One of the most common questions we are asked at My Implant Dentist about the tooth implant dentistry procedure is: “How much will dental implants cost?”

There are two things to consider when discussing the cost of implants.
First your unique oral health and needs and second, the number of implants needed.

In this article you’ll learn about dental implants prices and much more:

  • How do implants work?

  • Are implants right for you?

  • What is the procedure like?

  • How much dental implants cost in South Perth?

  • The best financing and health insurance options?

  • How to choose a dentist for your implants?

Dental implants are metal components anchored into the jaw bone and topped off with artificial teeth. They serve as replacements for the roots of the tooth to hold down individual synthetic incisors, canines, premolars and molars. It is also for sets of teeth like bridges and dentures.

It is vital that the construction of implants use only the proper material. Dental implants are made of hypoallergenic and nontoxic titanium or titanium alloy. The bone eventually grows around it and bonds over the implants. High-quality implants must resist corrosion to be suitable for use within the mouth for many years.

During this period is when osseointegration occurs. Here, the implants naturally become a part of the jaw bone and start to normally function like a regular tooth. The patient to receive these implants must have healthy jawbones and gums for optimal support.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner

Dental Implantology Terms Explained - Bone Grafting & Sinus Lift

If you are searching for more in depth knowledge on dental implants, it is understandable. As a potential patient, the terms used can be quite confusing.

We made a list of vitals terms most commonly used in affordable tooth implants procedures that you must be aware of to help you navigate through the process in detail.

  • Single Tooth Dental Implant (You are missing one tooth)

Acts as a permanent replacement for a lost tooth root wherein a false tooth is attached. It is driven into the jawbone using a screw.

  • All-On-Four (All-on-4) Dental Implants (You are missing multiple teeth)

All-on-four protocol refers to the four implants placed into the jaw bone that anchors a full set of teeth for the upper or lower jaw. It is an option when there are multiple gaps that need filling in so you don’t have to have one implant per tooth gap. The implants support an entire arch of teeth, much like what a traditional denture looks like.

The prosthodontic procedure treats an entire set of missing teeth at the upper or lower jaw by providing a same-day permanent screw-on replacement .

  • Implant Supported Dentures

It refers to a denture that is anchored and supported by four or more implants. This type of denture is not placed onto the gums but on the implants that are inserted in the jaw bone. Proper maintenance may only be performed by your dentist which includes examination, cleaning, and fixing if needed.

  • Bone Grafting

Dental implant surgery and its success rate is dependent on the strength of the patient’s jaw bone. There must be enough bone on site in order to fully support the implants.

A bone graft procedure may be necessary if there is a significant bone loss at the location where there is a tooth gap. It is essential to properly restore facial contour as well.

  • So what exactly does bone grafting mean?

There are several ways to do bone grafting. However, bone grafting for dental implant surgery may be as simple as sourcing a piece of bone from one site to fill bone loss on another where there is tooth loss.

Grafting bone from the patient gets the best results.In some cases, dentists opt to use artificial materials to encourage the formation of the jaw bone. Advanced techniques are then used to encourage a faster formation of the bone in areas where grafting proceeded. 

  • How is a specialist Prosthodontist different to a dentist?

Dentists have trained and certification in most dental procedures but Prosthodontists have special in depth dentistry training specifically on dental implants. There are qualifications for postgraduates in the study of Prosthodontics.

In order for a dentist to be able to specialize in Prosthodontics, it is essential for them to apply for the course. It is required to complete at least two years of general dental practice and meet other registration needs as a dentist.

They will need to register at the Dental Board of Australia as a specialist in their field after completing all of three years of study in dentistry.

One thing to also keep in mind that, as stated by the AHPRA, which is the dental industry regulatory board, there is no title called “dental implant specialist” in all of Australia.

What are the benefits of dental implants over dentures?

There are various reasons to speak to your dentist about getting dental implants this year. The dental implant process and materials have become so advanced that they are as close to real teeth as they will ever be.

The following may apply to you.

  1. Fills in tooth or teeth gaps

  2. For the most obvious reason, people get dental implants to improve their smile and overall facial appearance. The implants are made to look natural so they will also feel good inside the mouth, giving your confidence back. 

  1. To eat and chew better

  2. Proper digestion involves chewing food to bits and pieces that the tummy can easily digest. Fewer teeth inside your mouth make it harder to chew and limits you to a softer diet instead. Dental implants make it easier for you to eat and enjoy your favourite foods as you used to.

  1. Gives you an audible speech

  2. Tooth gaps are not only awkward but they also produce a lisp or a whistling sound. Whistling happens when the absence of teeth compromises your tongue placement as you try to speak. On the other hand, a lisp is the result of teeth misalignment. Implants may correct these problems by blocking the gap and correcting the teeth lineup.

  1. Better oral hygiene

  2. Getting dental implants means your dentist customizes the dimensions of the false tooth or teeth. It will fit and align with the tooth on each side and will allow better access in between when brushing, flossing, and gargling mouthwash. The gum line also receives proper cleaning to prevent gum disease.

  1. Implants are superior to bridges or dentures

  2. Dentures and bridges may not be suitable for everyone. They may feel uncomfortable if the fit is incorrect. Some may also find them inconvenient to keep taking it out to clean and placing it back in their mouth. Getting a proper fitting of dental implants at the jaw prevents moving and gives a natural feel inside the mouth.

  1. Implants are longer-lasting

  2. Teeth are made of enamel that may rot or chip away. Dental implants, however, are made of acrylic. You can expect your false teeth to last up to twenty-five years with proper maintenance. It may also need replacement after a couple of years.

  1. Implants are good for facial bone health

  2. A jaw bone can deteriorate if a gap has been left alone for so long. Dental implants are capable of stimulating bone growth at the site where an extraction proceeded. Not only is it beneficial for your looks, but it is also a proven preventative measure against facial bone loss.

Choosing the right dentist for your dental implants

Dentists train for years to become certified and perform various dental procedures. However, tooth implant surgery is a delicate process that takes time to perfect.

This dental procedure will stay with you for a lifetime so you must ensure that you choose a dentist for implants that is experienced and that you feel comfortable with.

There are three types of dentists capable of performing the surgery: periodontists, prosthodontists, and oral and maxillofacial surgeons.

Bone Grafting - Do you need it?

For the dental restoration to be successful, the dental implant must be implanted on a strong and stable bone support. There must be enough bone at the site in order for the implants to have room.

If there is not enough bone on the jaw, an additional bone grafting procedure is necessary to add more to the existing jawbone. Only then will teeth restoration be possible.

There are many reasons why bone loss at the jaw occurs. By determining them, you may be able to tell if you are a possible candidate for a bone grafting procedure.

Causes of Jawbone Loss

  • Tooth or Teeth Loss makes you a candidate because the jawbone is already deteriorating at this point. Chewing and biting movement stimulate the alveolar bone and the body sends the necessary nutrients to it through blood circulation. If you have a significant amount of missing teeth, the jaw bone stops receiving nutrients that causes it to recede.

  • Periodontitis is a gum disease caused by a bacterial infection that may reach the jaw bone. It is also one of the most common reasons for missing teeth.

  • Removal of Tumor or cyst may have your dentist removing a few teeth if the gums are severely infected.

  • Trauma may be caused by an accident or a physical blow to the face with enough force to knock teeth out of the mouth.

dr kent tan dental implants south perth

For Dental Implants in South Perth, DR Kent Tan is your  ‘Go-To’ Dentist.

A Dentist Who Teaches Other Dentists

Dr. Tan holds a Diploma in Implant Dentistry from the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh and Master Clinician Programme in Implant Dentistry in Los Angeles, USA.

Dr. Tan is also a lecturer in the field of dental implants and has presented both locally and internationally.

His commitment to the proper education of implantology speaks to his passion, expertise and qualifications as your dentist of choice.

Each year, Dr Tan performs 500 to 1000 dental implant procedures at My Implant Dentist, where technology, price, level of skill and certifications are all at the centre of what we do.

With 5 convenient locations throughout Perth, you can be sure to find one of our dental implant clinics near you.

What are the different types of implants?

There are three common types of dental implants that your dentist may decide depending on your needs.

  • Traditional Dentures are the most affordable solution to replace your teeth however with time patients generally face issues with bone resorption which often leads to a sunken in facial appearance. Traditional dentures are also bulkier compared to dental implant solutions, requiring complete coverage of sensitive areas such as the palate (roof of the mouth).

  • Implant supported dentures basically look like regular dentures. However, they are attached to the implants driven to the jawbone. The dentures are secure and there is no risk of falling.

  • Single-tooth implants are for patients that are missing just one or two teeth and your other teeth are generally in great shape.

  • All on Four Implants are full mouth dental implants to replace all teeth in one jaw. Here, you only need four inserts of implants where an arch of teeth is attached to. Because of this technology, there is no need to have one implant for each tooth loss. This option is available for the upper or lower jaw.

  • Same-day dental implants are when you get the false teeth attached at the same time or appointment date. Also known as Immediate Dental Implants, the candidate must have enough bone to support the placement of the new teeth.

The Dental Implant Process

Tooth Implant Procedure

Step 1 - Diagnosis and Treatment Planning

Before surgery, the dentist performing the dental implant treatment procedure must first analyze your medical history before a physical examination. It is to determine if you are fit to have the surgery. An X-Ray will also help to determine any internal ailments. The dentist then creates a partial impression of your teeth for the creation of a surgical guide.

Step 2 - Placing The Dental Implants

You have the option of being put to sleep or to remain awake during the procedure. The rest of your teeth are extracted if needed to place the dental implants. Temporary acrylic implant bridges are created after the dentist takes record of your bite and impressions. The fitting also takes place on the same day of the surgery.

Step 3 - Fitting The Temporary Implant Bridges

Within the next 24 hours after the surgery, the temporary acrylic implant bridges will be fitted to your dental implants. Typically, there is no need for local anaesthesia at this stage. A period of 2 to 6 months must pass for the implants to fuse with the jaw bone. By then, the implants will be ready to receive the placements of permanent implant bridge.

Step 4 - Final Implant Bridge Inserted

The dentist first checks if the osseointegration of implants are successful and if the gums are in good condition. You will then be given the choice to upgrade to a Zirconia – Porcelain bridge which is stronger, longer lasting, more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. It also feels more natural in the mouth and provides easier maintenance.

stefanie - dental implants south perth

Cost of Dental Implants in South Perth, Australia 6151

The price of a dental implant dentistry procedure may vary according to which dentist you choose. You as the patient will also need to consider the cost of the components and the warranty that comes with it.

A free consultation includes X-Rays and a treatment plan including a price quote for your dental implant procedure. Once you have received your implant treatment plan, you will be able to compare affordable dental implants to more expensive options.

Additional procedures such as bone grafting may add to the cost. However, it is only necessary when your jaw does not meet specific requirements to support the implant. Cases like shallow and narrow bones, implant rejection, the number of implants you need, the quality of the crown and the duration of the patient’s recovery may also take the procedure longer than expected.

As an example, below is a table featuring a typical price guide for dental implants South Perth.

It is meant only to demonstrate an estimation since there are various cases that can be affected by specific factors such as the ones mentioned before.


My Implant Dentist

Single Tooth Dental Implant ($AUD)


FREE Consultation with Dr. Kent Tan




Total Dental Implant Cost South Perth


Dental implants are made to feel like natural teeth and serve as an alternative to bridges and dentures in a functional and aesthetic point. It restores not only your general dental well-being but also your confidence.

  • Single restored implant (implant, abutment and crown): starting from $3,995.

  • Single implants (unrestored): starting from $1,999. (Item Nr 684) Single implants (Crown & Abutment): starting from $1,999. (Item Nr 661 + 672)

  • All-On-4 implant bridge: prices start at $19,000 per jaw.

  • Implant retained dentures: (used to help stabilise loose dentures) starting from $6,000.

T&C Regarding ‘$3999.00 Dental Implants’:

  • Available for implants and placement only

  • Price inquiry available through our clinic

  • Promo runs until the end of December 2020

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified dentist.

dental implants south perth - shelly

Tooth Implant Financing - Payment Options

We understand your need to get dental implants and that not everyone will be able to fully cover the costs in an instant.

Visit our clinic so we can help provide the necessary treatment you need with funding selections that best suit your needs and economic situation.

Early Release of Superannuation

ERS or Early Release of Superannuation under the management of the Australian Tax Office is now covering dental implant dentistry procedures in accordance with the following:

  • If you need a complicated restorative treatment that covers the teeth, bite, and smile

  • If you are experiencing chronic or acute pain

  • Your dental condition is failing; is beyond repair; missing or loose

  • If all teeth require extraction and must be replaced with dentures, implants, or All Teeth on 4 (or more)

  • If teeth are all unfit for chewing and unable to properly digest food

Dental Implant Insurance - What’s covered?

Those with medical insurance might wonder if the cost is covered by the packages they are paying for. The fact is, it will depend on your insurance company and the dental cover that you have chosen. What you can expect is that a fraction of the procedure’s cost may be covered.

We always recommend for patients to come into our clinic to run the insurance card through our machine, this way you can be sure what’s covered.

Insurance companies such as Medicare do make exceptions and covers the following:

  • If the policyholder is admitted to the hospital as an inpatient.

  • If the policy is covering extras such as dental procedures and is not specifically excluding dental implants. You will need to talk to your insurance provider to be certain.

Department of Veteran’s Affairs

The Department of Veteran’s Affairs (DVA) has guidelines for the Osseo-integrated Dental Implant Policy covering the following:

  • Single tooth implants: 2 implants over a two-year period; tooth-loss has occurred less than 3 years and clinically indicated.

  • Implants that support full lower denture: up to 3 implants only

  • Implants to support partial upper denture: up to 2 implants only

Implants Finance WA

SuperCare, AfterPay, Pretty Penny

Supercare fully or partially covers dental implant funding, depending on your coverage. Their services extend to your immediate family as well as to your child or children. You can also choose your preferred My Implant Dentist location. This option is specifically for those who do not have private insurance, access to sufficient funding and have a family member with Superannuation funds.

AfterPay offers an app or an online application to make it easier. You’ll be able to pay in interest-free installments every four fortnightly. You can avail of up to a maximum of $1,400 in dental coverage if approved. Currently, the Maven Dental Group accepts AfterPay for Dental Implants South Perth. AfterPay is not a credit union or loan company, so you can create an account if you are at least 18 years old and above. You must also have a credit or debit card that you can link to your account.

Pretty Penny provides funding for a crown or bridge implants. They offer fast approval, flexible payments, and the funding can go directly to your dentist instead of you waiting for it. Personal loans range from $2000 to $70,000 with payment terms from 6 months to 7 years. You can apply for a loan online. The best thing about Pretty Penny is that you can top up your initial quote if it meets specific criteria.

Teeth Implant

Risk of dental implants overseas in Bali, Thailand or India

As Australians we are lucky. Our standards for healthcare are among the highest in the world. The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (Ahpra) works to help protect the public by regulating Australia’s registered health practitioners, including dentists. Furthermore, we have the Dental Board of Australia that regulates dentists across Australia and South Perth. When you are going overseas for your dental implants, you are forgoing the benefit of our strict regulations which are designed to protect you as a patient. Placing dental implants is only possible through surgical means and is considered an invasive procedure. When done in countries such as Vietnam, Thailand or India complications may arise along with other disadvantages to keep in mind.
  • The gum line may contract an infection that could lead to periodontal disease.
  • Surgery extending to the sinus as with zygomatic implants risks sinus infections.
  • The entire procedure could take months since it involves the bone growing around the implant.
  • An additional bone grafting process may be added if the patient’s jaw bone is suffering from bone loss.
Dental work is expensive even overseas and your local insurance company won’t cover hotel and flight costs. Visit our tooth implant clinic

Dental Implants South Perth FAQ

A dental implant is a surgical fixture that is placed into the jawbone to replace any missing teeth. Dental implants South Perth help give you the confidence to have a happy smile.

There are three stages of Dental Implants, these are Implant Placement, Exposure of the Implant and Crown Placement. First Stage is the placement of a screw like item into the jawbone. The second stage is exposure of the implant which is when the dentist will check if the screw has fused correctly with the bone in the tooth. Stage three when the lab made crown is fitted over the implant.

We cannot assure you that this is the exact price, please remember this is just an estimate price. In total, dental implants Perth clinic are approximately $3990.00. Stage one of Implant is placement $1790.00, stage 2 of exposure is approximately $350.00 and stage 3 is approximately $ 1850.00.

Yes, we want to take away the hassle of paying for your dental fees. We have partnered with AfterPay and PrettyPenny.

Pretty Penny Finance is a specialised dental payment plan provider focused on assisting you to obtain a personal loan for your dental procedure.

Every case depends on every patient as no case is the same. We also offer free dental implants consultations. In cases such as All-On-4 Dental Implants Perth the procedure may require multiple visits.

For most patients, dental implants are pretty painful after the anesthesia has worn off. This pain is manageable by not misusing prescription painkillers and taking sports drinks like Gatorade to replace fluids lost during the procedure. Now you know how to manage tooth implant pain!

A major benefit to dental implants is that they protect facial structure and preserve bone around missing teeth, thus preventing further degeneration of the jaw. While most people are aware of the fact that implants can prevent loss of facial structure, in reality this benefit is directly related to preserving the jawbone around missing teeth. When there’s nothing left in the jawbone, then there’s nothing left to stimulate bone growth.

  • If you have a few missing teeth, a Partial Implant dentures are ideal for you
  • If you have all of your teeth missing, a Full set of Implant dentures are ideal for you
  • Immediate Dentures procedure are for patients who want Implants and Denture placed on the same day but will have Abutments to secure (3 to 6 months later)
  • Factors that strongly influence a patients candidacy for Perth Dental Implant dentures are overall health, overall oral health, gum disease, Bone supply (density) as Implants need to fuse to the jawbone. In 80% of cases lower jaw is not problem but Upper jaw may require extensive grafts if teeth were lost many decades prior
  • If you can’t decide on whether traditional denture or Implant supported the price difference is about $2500 per Implant to covert an existing set and perform the Implant treatment with Doctor Kent Tan
  • Many patients use their health funds as payment for the Insertion of 1 or 2 Implants per year and only convert the denture when their health fund permits
  • You are a candidate for Perth Dental Implant if you are tired of your traditional denture slipping, clicking and unable to eat or chew your food, results in social withdrawal from embarrassment

A dental implant is riskier and costs much more than a denture or dental bridge. They require a big commitment. From your first visit to the day your implant is finally completed can take up a long time. You will need to visit your dentist a number of times along the way.

Firstly, Dental implants are made of a titanium post that’s surgically attached into your jaw bone and designed to simulate the form and function of your tooth’s natural roots. Titanium is a strong, lightweight, and long-lasting metal. The other part of a dental implant is a porcelain crown that sits on top of the titanium post and resembles your original tooth. Crowns are custom made to fit in with the rest of your teeth. The final dental implant cost is the surgical procedure. Even though it may not be performed in a hospital setting, there is years of training, knowledge, and experience that go into knowing exactly where to place the dental implant. The dentist must drill into your jaw without hitting any of the major nerves and in a way that ensures that the implant integrates correctly with the jaw bone. This is a carefully planned and precise installation that may patients overlook.

When you first visit, the dentist will insert the titanium post into the jaw. It will take some time before it is ready to receive the crown. First, the jawbone must heal around the post, growing around it and securing it firmly. On average, it takes six to eight months for an implant to settle down, but it can take even longer, especially if you needed a bone graft.

Dentures are safer and much more affordable, and although their quality has improved, they’re not ideal for everyone. Dentures might slip out of place while eating or speaking if they are not secured with denture adhesive and partial dentures might promote infection and decay in other teeth if they aren’t fitted properly, which may increase the risk that you would need a tooth filling on the abutment (adjoining) tooth. That said, dentures may be the best choice for people whose gums and jaw are weak or unhealthy.

If your gums and jaw are healthy, you may benefit from dental implants, which are implanted surgically into the jawbone. With good oral hygiene, implants can last for 20 years or more without the need for replacement. Dental implants are often a popular choice for people who have only one or two teeth missing, but they can be an alternative to dentures if you have several missing teeth. As long as your gums and jaw are healthy, two or more implants can serve as a base of support for several replacement teeth.

Ideally one implant would support one tooth, this provides greater distribution of tension when biting. In some cases when there isn’t enough jawbone to support an implant, or the implant would be in a sensitive location, your dentist may use two implants on either side of the tooth for support.

Full Mouth Dentures: full mouth dentures are ideal when you’re missing all of your teeth, or when you’re planning to have all of your remaining teeth removed due to damage or disease.

Partial Dentures: partial dentures are for patients that still have some healthy teeth but have several teeth that are missing and need to be replaced.

Fixed Bridges: your dentist will use a special type of bonding material to install the bridge in the space, and only your dentist can remove the bridge.

Tooth-supported Fixed Bridges: this will use your healthy adjacent teeth to attach and support the bridge.

Resin bonded bridges: this is used for replacing your front teeth and is affixed to your healthy adjacent teeth with wings on each side.

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Jenny McKenzie
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I'm very happy with the implant I got placed here by Dr. Kent and team. Fantastic low cost dental implant with high quality, and great gentle dentist.
Tom Leroy
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I got one of my implant and I have to say that I had a very comfortable and positive experience! The staff are very kind and caring and reassuring. I am looking forward to the crown placement so I can chew again.
Benefits 1

Benefits of affordable dental implants in South Perth

Healthy teeth are not disturbed

  • A dental implant won’t sacrifice the health of your adjacent teeth. Unlike a traditional dental bridge, which requires neighbouring teeth to be cut down, there is no need to disturb the surrounding teeth.
  • Easier to keep teeth clean
  • No special cleaning devices are needed for dental implants. Simply clean your artificial tooth as you would the rest of your teeth.

Looks more attractive

  • A dental implant looks more attractive and lasts longer than a dental bridge. Receding gums around a bridge can expose the metal base, and resorbing bone underneath the bridge doesn’t look attractive.

Prevents damage and decay

  • Cement holding the bridge in place can wash out allowing in bacteria that damage and decay teeth holding the bridge in place.

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