Dental Implants Overseas – Bali, Thailand & India – Costs and Risk

Dental implants Perth are an innovative option to replace missing or damaged teeth. However many patients are researching the cost of dental implants overseas in hope to find a cheaper alternative.

Dental Implant Procedure

When considering dental implants overseas, it’s important to understand the process for getting your dental implants.

Before the tooth implant can be inserted, the damaged tooth has to be removed and the gum and jawbone prepared. This can sometimes mean additional surgeries such as a bone graft. To determine if a bone graft is required X-Rays and an in person consultation are required.

To complete all steps for your dental implant to be correctly inserted it can take weeks or months, depending on how fast your mouth is accepting the new dental implant.

Once the implant is stable, the patient will have an abutment attached to the implant and an artificial crown placed on top.

The Australian Dental association warns of the dangerous increase of dental vacations.

Costs of Dental Implants Overseas

The cost of getting a dental implant overseas in places such as India, Thailand or Bali can be up to 50% less than the cost of getting dental implants in Australia, which is why it is so appealing for many patients. However, when airfare, hotels and time off work are factored in often dental implants overseas turn out to be more expensive than locally done Australian counterparts.

If you require additional surgeries, you will incur an extra cost for anaesthesia and specialised surgeons.

Risks of Dental Tourism

There are numerous risks involved with getting a dental implant overseas due to the difference in standards and regulations by the dental governing bodies in each country.
Australian dental experts are greatly regulated and needs to something go incorrect there are strict follow-up treatments. If you don’t get fulfillment there are problems commission boards and even courts if you require (them) to offer you a chance to secure yourself.
However overseas, you do not have any of those things.

Affordable Dental Implants in Australia

Considering the hidden costs of getting dental implants overseas, it is more cost effective and safer to have your implants procedure in Australia, where you can expect a superior level of care.
While dental implants are more expensive than many other cosmetic dental procedures, they are designed to last, provide structural stability to the jaw and offer the most realistic look and feel of all the missing teeth replacement options.
Unfortunately, Medicare does not cover cosmetic dental procedures. However, you may be eligible for coverage through your private health fund, so check your current policy and talk with your provider about your coverage options.

Final Thoughts

Dental implants are a more natural feeling alternative to dentures and bridges and are a worthwhile investment for many patients.
Investing in the health and appearance of your teeth, as well as your self-confidence will always be a great choice.
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