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Single Missing Tooth

Missing a single tooth is not uncommon. Whether the tooth you’re missing is highly visible or at the back of your mouth, it’s important that you don’t ignore it.


If you do leave it, there are many issues that can develop over time. Some may be hard, or costly, to rectify. One big issue is movement. Your teeth, as a whole, are there to support each other. When one is missing, your teeth are more likely to move as they attempt to fill the gap. Some people may end up with crooked teeth or a loss of bone in the jaw, which can alter the shape of your face.

close-up of missing tooth
close-up of a smile with missing teeth

Several Missing Teeth

When you experience the loss of several teeth, settling on the right solution can be overwhelming. Doing nothing and ignoring the situation is not the answer.

Just as your facial structure can change with the loss of a single tooth, missing several teeth will cause even more change in your facial structure over time. With new Perth dental implants, you’ll be able to restore the smile you once had, and you’ll enjoy the ability to eat foods you would have typically avoided. All those things that many people take for granted will now become a daily pleasure for you.

Consequences Of Missing Teeth

  • Your tooth support is lost so your chin sags and as a result, your chin becomes closer to your nose
  • This loss of support causes your lips and mouth to have a sunken in appearance
  • Cheek bones sink in, increasing wrinkles and ages your facial appearance
  • Bone shrinkage in jaw
  • Decreased ability to articulate speech
  • Decreased ability to chew food and eat foods that you previously enjoyed eating
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Missing Teeth Treatment Options

The best option for tooth replacement treatment is dental implants. They are considered a better alternative to regular dentures thanks to their natural look, comfortability and durability and at our clinics we offer FREE dental implant consultations you can book today!


We also offer much more affordable tooth implant costs than in most of Australia. Not only that – we also offer convenient dental implant finance options and payment plans to help spread the cost of the treatment.

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