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Are prisoners allowed to wear dentures?

Are prisoners allowed to wear dentures

If you are wondering whether prisoners are allowed to wear dentures in Australia, the short answer is yes. You are permitted to wear your dentures, and you may be eligible for dentures if you require them after your incarceration. Denture adhesive and cleaning are also available at the commissary.

When it comes to wearing dentures in jail, the rules differ depending on the institution. Dentures are allowed to be worn in federal prisons by inmates who arrive with them.2 

Other Prescribed Medications

If Queensland Health prescribes medication for you, this medication must be taken while you are supervised on a medication parade or in the Health Centre. Silver-amalgam fillings, root canals, and the occasional crown are also available.

Dentures Policy & Statistics

When appropriate, full and partial dentures are provided to offenders serving terms of more than three years. However, because dentures are a low priority and the last choice once dental disorders have been addressed, receiving them can take months or even years.

Unfortunately, many states do not follow this rule. According to the Associated Press, many people in prisons are denied dentures, even if they don’t have teeth. Only 71 offenders received dentures in 2016, despite the state’s prison population being close to 150,000.1 

When Should You Replace Your Dentures?

Denture manufacturers may claim that economic dentures need to be replaced every 5-10 years; however, most people require replacement much sooner. The following are signs that you require a denture replacement:

  • Denture fit is deteriorating
  • The capacity to chew properly has been lost.
  • Denture pain or sores in the mouth have become more severe or persistent,
  • Use of more denture adhesive.
  • Dentures are clearly visible.
  • Dentures are shattered.

The health of your mouth and body can be jeopardized if you do not replace your dentures as soon as possible. It could also lower your overall quality of life.

Should You Repair Broken or Worn Dentures?

Should You Repair Broken or Worn Dentures

Whether a denture repair is better than new dentures depends on the type of denture, the age of your denture and the dentures were a good fit to start with.

Denture repair is not a suitable alternative if your dentures are old and worn. Repairing your dentures is also not a good idea if you have cheap dentures that never fit or functioned correctly in the first place. 

If you have good dentures that have broken due to an accident,3 repairing them may be useful if they can be returned to their original level of functionality.

Can you wear dentures for the rest of your life?

We understand that your dentures have an impact on your quality of life. Dentures of higher quality might improve your life daily. Another alternative to dentures is a dental implant, which also helps in maintaining your jaw bone density.

What can you expect when you put your dentures in for the first time?

The prosthesis would feel odd the first time you wore dentures. Normal sensations would return when the gums have adjusted to the appliance. Patients may also notice an increase in saliva production and discomfort, but these symptoms will subside over time.


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Written By: Dr Kent Tan
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Reviewed By: Dr Ealin Lee

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